Long Micro locs curled with Loc Curlers

In search of the best Curlers for Locs and Natural Hair

Everybody loves luscious voluminous curls. They turn heads no matter your hair type but finding the perfect rollers can prove to be challenging. This is because most rollers on the market just aren’t made with natural hair in mind, let alone locs.

Criteria for a good roller for natural hair

So, what do we need from a roller to be good for natural hair and locs? There are a few criteria that everyone can agree on, no matter if you wear your hair is natural, in locs or even straight. For a roller to be good it needs to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Light, our head doesn’t need weightlifting
  • Flexible; our hair grows in all directions so we need the flexibility.
  • And allows hair to dry as quickly as possible because naturally our strands take longer to dry.

My roller history

Velcro Rollers

In case you didn’t know, Velcro rollers will rip your hair so don’t even try. I know this from back in the days when I relaxed my hair. My mom bought them once and it was definitely a no-no.

The plastic rollers with teeth on them are not much better. They don’t rip your hair like the Velcro rollers do but they tend to pull your hair as well. Spikes may work for straight hair but any type of spikes on a roller are just not good for our kind of hair.

Smooth Plastic rollers

Even the smooth plastic rollers that I used during those relaxed-hair days won’t do anymore. Not only because it’s hard to get natural hair or locs under those snap-on rollers then get the hair to dry, it is more so because the plastic is so hard, it hurts your head when you try to get a good night sleep. Sleep you deserve after all the effort of putting in the rollers but also sleep you need because you want your hair to be completely dry before you take out a roller-set. To get the perfect curl, your hair needs to be completely dry and as you know our coily African strands naturally take longer to dry.

In search of the best rollers for natural hair

To give my hair a bouncy curl, I tried quite a few new rollers since I went natural. Some are still on the market today so hopefully my experience and thoroughly unscientific research can save you some head and hair hurting.

Hair With FlexrodsNatural Hair CoilsHair With Flexrods
Curling my Natural Hair with the Flexi Rods

The Flexi rods were kind of ok or at least the outcome was which you can read about at Curling my Natural Hair with the Flexi Rods. Other bloggers and vloggers got way better results than I did. Many got a nicer curl that lasted longer. I am not super handy so it might have been because I didn’t do it properly but I looking back now, I think it took quite an effort. These were also not super comfortable to sleep on but in my opinion better than the plastic rollers.

Spiral rods on natural hair

The spiral hair curlers, don’t even try. They are so hard and inflexible that you don’t even have to put them in to feel the pain. I threw them out before I even tried them. Vlogger Janae Mason attests to this in her video saying My neck hurts! For the same reason I didn’t consider perm rods an option.

Although the results of the curl formers looked really great, watching all the effort it takes and considering my left-handedness when it comes to hairstyling, I didn’t even give those a try. So, there is no judgement there. You are more than welcome to try them.

Donuts Hairstyling rollers eating Kayley's Hair

I am not sure I was even going to give these a try but it was fun watching Vlogger Kayley Melissa demonstrating all weird rollers she got from Wish. Keeping it real, she showed how those Donut Hair Styling Rollers ate her hair which only confirmed that I didn’t even need to try.

Then, I didn’t even think these rubber cups would work on natural hair but apparently they do. There is no issue rolling natural hair on them and they seem to be very comfortable and easy to use. However, the issue with this type of roller is that they take forever to dry. Vlogger Kayley Melissa already mentioned it and she has straight hair, so let alone natural hair.

Magic Hair rollers on natural hair

Natural hair vloggers also let us know that silicone rollers won’t easily allow our hair to dry even if they are called magic hair rollers. Vlogger Janae Mason who I think got quite nice results although she was not happy, mentions that her hair took a very long time to dry. In another video vlogger eVaniwithaV is also very clear. After 3 days of air-drying and two hours under the hood her hair was finally dry. She liked the results but I can’t blame her for never wanting to do it again. 

Loc curlers for natural hair and locs

Loc curlers for natural hair and locs

Luckily, I didn’t give up. Still looking for an easy to use, comfortable to sleep on rollers, that allowed my locs to dry, I found these great Loc Curlers

Loc Curlers are the only rollers that meet the needs of women with Locs, natural hair and African hair textures. They are made of soft, flexible and heat resistant foam and gives your hair gorgeous curls! So let me list the qualities of these fabulous Loc Curlers.

1. They are feather light 

The first important quality of Loc Curlers is that they are very light. After rolling it into your hair, you can go about your daily activities without feeling like you’re carrying extra weight on your head. With lightweight rollers, you can leave your hair to airdry for as long as you need.

2. They are easy to use

Loc Curlers are very easy to use. All you have to do is to take a few locs, a section of natural or straight hair and roll the curlers up to your roots. Afterwards, just bend the ends towards each other to make a loop to keep the roller secure! It is truly super simple.

3. They are flexible

Flexible rollers are the best rollers for every hair type. The flexibility makes the curlers easy to use and easy to secure.

4. It doesn’t pull out your hair

Foam naturally has a smooth surface that won’t pull on your strands nor will it dry out your hair.

5. You can sleep on them!

Made of flexible foam, Loc Curlers are very soft and super convenient to sleep in. These are really the only rollers that I could sleep on, yay! 

6. It gives your hair the perfect curls

Not all hair rollers can give locs and other natural hair textures the perfect curl but these Loc Curlers do! All you have to do is to allow your hair to dry once you’ve rolled your hair and using Loc Curlers is so easy you just can’t go wrong.

7. It is heat resistant 

For those with thick hair who really need more than a night of sleep to get their hair dry, Loc Curlers are also heat resistant. You can go under the dryer to get an even tighter curl.

Loc Curlers create voluminous, attention-grabbing curls for hair of all textures. So if you have locs or natural hair, your search for perfect rollers has finally come to an end. Get yourself Loc Curlers today! 

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