Going Natural's Loc Glove
Going Natural's Loc Glove
Going Natural's Loc Glove
Going Natural's Loc Glove

Going Natural's Loc Glove

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Revolutionary in Natural Hair Care

From 4B to 4C, from short cuts to long locs, Going Natural's Helping Hand makes natural hair care and styling a breeze! The silky soft texture will help you:

* Create perfect coils 
* Create starter locs
* Cut drying time in half
* Keep your scalp clean
* Dry locs instantly

For coils and loc retwisting: Make small circular motions moving in one direction with a light hand around your head while hair is damp.

To instantly dry and maintain locs: Simply wear the glove and run the fingers through your hair.

To clean hair and scalp: wear the glove, run your fingers through your hair and gently rub your scalp. 

The Going Natural Hair Glove is a super soft glove that can be used on both: Natural Hair and locs.

Perfect coils in natural hair

For defined coils, curls and twists as well as for starter locs.

From bald heads to short cuts, from 4B to 4C, the Going Natural's Helping Hand creates perfect coils in all types of natural hair. All you need is your natural hair. Make sure it's damp hair then make small circular motions with a light hand around your head. The only secret is that you should move in one direction but yes, it’s that easy!

By simply brushing this in a circular motion across your head, you’ll be on your way to defined texture in no time. This will take hours out of styling time guaranteed!  

You can also use it in combination with the Herbal Styling Gel to add sheen or the Twist Out Curling Cream. 

Another great thing about the Helping Hand is that it easy to clean, dry and reuse.

Going Natural's Helping Hand for Clean locs

The Going Natural's Helping Hand, 5" wide and 10" long, is made of a that super soft Polyester that can absorb up to eight times its weight in water. This makes the Going Natural Hair glove not only perfect to instantly dry locs no matter what size they are but also ideal for daily maintenance to keep locs clean.

So the Going Natural's Helping Hand doesn't only cut drying time of locs and natural hair in half, the tiny fibers of this ultra soft Helping hand instantly catch dust, allergens, odor and lint. No need for ACV or baking soda that is harsh and drying to hair.

The Going Natural's Helping Hand gently cleanses without damaging the strands.

The Helping Hand is machine washable and reusable. It's made of  long lasting high quality polyester that makes it light, very resilient, strong and durable.

Licensed Master Barber/Stylist, Natural & Damage Hair Specialist and Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant Adenike with 23 years experience in natural hair care trying Going Natural's Helping Hand for the first time.