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Going Natural Hair Care

Organic Shampoo Bombs for Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, Braidlocs and Natural Hair

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The bombs are only available in the USA and Canada for now. The basin is available worldwide. 

These Organic Loc Bombs: 

  • Remove odor
  • Remove lint
  • Soften hair
  • Moisturize hair
  • Moisturize the scalp
  • Smell divine!

For a lot detox, throw the bomb in your sink in really hot water. Dip your locs/hair in the sink for as long as you can. Take a look at the murky water, rinse in the shower with clear water and enjoy your super clean, replenished, silky soft hair.

Our organic shampoo bombs are gentle, nourishing, and ultra-effective. They clean your locs without stripping them of moisture. Your locs will feel hydrated and thoroughly cleansed.

The best part? You'll fall in love with the luxurious scent! Start pampering your hair by kick-starting your loc detox today.

You get most out of an Organic Shampoo Bomb if you just relax and let your hair soak in a bomb solution in a sink or a basin as in the video. Click if you also want the at home hair & scalp spa basin

You can also use a bomb as a regular shampoo and rub it directly on your scalp then was as usual. 

Another easy way is to dissolve an Organic Shampoo bomb in a spray bottle, spray your hair with it then let it sit in your hair for a while before you rinse it out. See the video.

 These Shampoo Bombs are not only organic, they are handmade to deep clean your hair, add moisture and shine to Locs or loose Natural Hair strands. 

I tell you, these are Tha Bomb! My hair has never been so soft & shiny. 


Made of Baking Soda and Citric Acid, simple said, the baking soda/acv rinse, the combination what we use to detox and deep cleanse our hair.

Epsom Salt is added to soften hair, remove oil and build up and replenish your hair and scalp with minerals they are missing.

Also added are organic essential oils for healing properties and scent. Food coloring to distinguish the difference scents.


The easy peasy way: add half of the bomb to hot water in a spray bottle, spray your locs/hair, walk around, take a breath, do something you really like for 10-30 minutes then rinse. You'll be in heaven.

Hair & scalp Treatment

  • Fill your At home hair & Scalp Spa Basin or your sink with hot water. 
  • Add the Organic Shampoo Bomb to the water to let it sparkly dissolve.
  • Put your hair in the water and let it soak for as long as possible. 

To detox: throw the bomb your sink in really hot water then dip your locs/hair in the sink for as long as you can. Take a look at the murky water, rinse in the shower with clear water and enjoy your super clean replenished, silky soft hair.  

Great for:
Dry hair, Natural Hair, Locs, Dreadlocks and Braids.