Barrel rolls on my Micro Locs

Barrel rolls on my Micro Locs and Tips and Tricks how to maintain this loc style


Barrel roll locks was one of the very first styles I ever photographed. I didn't even know the name of this gorgeous hairstyle I saw in front of me.

I was just simply in awe when I saw Nzinga with barrel roll locs for the first time at the Bam Dance Africa Festival in Brooklyn, New York, many years ago. Back then I never even dreamed of wearing my hair in locs let alone intricately styled like that. Still she patiently explained that her locs were waist-length and demonstrated how she did them.

Nzinga’s barrel roll locs updo

 Nzinga's photo is part of my exhibition and book Bad Hair Uprooted.

Not only was I fascinated by the hair, the locs, the texture, the length, the style, I realized once again that African hair is the only hair type that allows a dramatic change without the need to cut, color or use chemicals. 

You can go from long to short just by using braiding techniques. You can go from a short fro to endless intricate variations of cornrows and flat-twists. 

With long locs it is definitely a bit harder to create a style that is super short in appearance but you can make the hair look shorter and the versatility is still endless. 

Now that my hair is longer and I am in Suriname where the climate is tropical this style seemed perfect. So when I was due for a retie, I included the barrel rolls. 

It took Johanna, the owner of the Hair Box Salon in Paramaribo, Suriname, about an hour to style my micro locs in these barrel rolls. The twenty plus year veteran loctition took three locs at the time. I never really counted them but I estimate that I have less then 200 locs.

Care for Barrel Roll Locs

Since I am still tender-headed, I don't style my hair very often. Especially after a retie when your scalp is sensitive, as you can imagine, I just want to go home. What I learned though is that a style actually keeps your new growth from tangling which is of course a huge advantage so I am glad I got the style. 

Organic Loc Bomb for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks and Micro Locs

To prepare for the maintenance and the style, I had my hair washed with the loc bombs. These organic ingredients don't just cleanse my hair, they make my locs soft, pliable and manageable so it's easy to maintain as well as to style. 

To maintain the barrel rolls I sleep with the Super Comfi Satin Bonnet and on a 100% pure silk pillow case. That is a double protection and it's noticeable: hardly any frizz. 

 Super Comfi Satin Bonnet

These are items I recommend anyone with short or long locs, short or long natural hair and even anyone with a weave. Because these are long term investments. The bonnet goes a long way as does a silk pillow case. My silk pillow case is now at least two years young. What is $39 for two years if it offers protection for your hair and keeps your skin smooth and reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles?

Fiber Queen Silky Soft Pillowcase for Braids, Locs, Natural Hair and Weaves


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I retwist and style my boyfriends hair when he lets me, and I recently tried this style and we both love it. It took me about 2 hours to do because 1.) it was my first time trying this style and 2.) his dreads are waist length! So about how long do you keep your locs barrel rolled or about how long do they last for you?


I am not sure about dry skin. Drinking coconut water helped me with my dry skin. For dry hair I would recommend the Organic Shampoo Bombs though. They saved my dry locs from breaking.


I have extra extra dry skin I’m in the process of changing my diet. Can you recommend some products.

john H spears

I have extra extra dry skin I’m in the process of changing my diet. Can you recommend some products.

john H spears

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