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My Braidlocs Journey Update; Healthy locs that happily stretch and bounce


My braidlocs have made the amazing transformation, and it’s been an incredible journey, and I'm simply enjoying the freedom locs give me and enjoying the experience every day. So today, I am in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, and I have just washed my hair because I am due for my re-tie since my last appointment was on the 25th of May in Suriname. Here is a link to a video of me getting my hair done in Suriname.

If there is one thing that I learned from all of these years being loced, is that is imperative to maintain your roots on the regular. Two to two and a half months, no later. 

I used to stretch my appointments. Sometimes I would go after three months and let me tell you, you feel the difference when you go on time. Not only is it less painful, it is easier for the loctitian and you'll be out in no time! It really makes a world of difference. 

Braidlocs hair growth and elasticity

I have never seen this much growth in my eight years of being loc’d, and I must say I am amazed. The growth is like an inch, and this means that my hair is doing really well. The only thing that I actually use is the
WNL Hair Growth Tea which I spray on my hair after washing and drying. I use it instead of water when I am going to the loctician. 

I have to add that I use this Hair Tea in combination with the Organic Shampoo bombs that make my hair soft and pliable. So the maintains that.  

Check the Elasticity of Locs

Elasticity is also important in hair because it ensures your hair doesn’t break. Hair that lacks elasticity may break easily. I have never seen this much stretch in my hair, and the WNL Hair Growth Tea does wonders on my hair. Not only is it long, but my roots have become stronger. I would definitely recommend you to use the hair growth tea available at You just use a spray bottle and spray it daily on your scalp only. You can use the hair growth tea for a week and ensure you massage it in, or you can ask your loctician to spray it during your re-tye appointment. The WNL Hair Growth Tea can be stored in the refrigerator since it’s hair food and can go bad. 

So that was my braidloc update, and I’ll be working on an anniversary special for my 8-year braidloc journey. Visit our website at and leave us a like, share and subscribe to my videos.

Organic Shampoo Bombs for Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, Braidlocs and Natural Hair

Hair Growth Tea to restore follicles and boost growth


Mireille Liong A Kong
Mireille Liong A Kong

Thank you. To keep frizz down I use the Loc Glove see:

Gail H
Gail H

Your hair looks great. How do you keep it from being frizzy. Most braidlocs or sisterlocs I see
they are all frizzy. Also, how many locs do you have.

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