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Lace Front Box Braid Wig

Lace Front Box Braid Wig

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The easy way to get the perfect box braids that last! 

Not only will you look super cute with this Lace Front Box Braid Wig, you will also save time and money. You don't need to braid or pay a braider to do your hair and the best part, you don't need to take your braids out when you are ready! 

So for the price of only one salon visit (or less) you get the perfect Box Braids that you can wear over and over again.  You can wear these braids  whenever and however you want! 

This Lace Front Box Braid Wig comes in handy for anyone in need of a break from styling,  a new style or ready for a protective hairstyle. Your hair can flourish while its protected under this undetectable lace front wig that never fails to turn heads. 

1) Make sure your hair is clean, freshly washed, conditioned, moisturized and properly braided when you first put on the wig. 

2) Use the Scalp Conditioning Spray to keep itching and dry scalp away. 

3) Don't wear your wig longer than Six Weeks in  row. Take off the wig to wash and deep condition your own hair. 

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Cap Size: Average Size
Style: Bob
Brand Name: I's a wig
Base Material: French Lace
Texture: Lace Front Braid Wig
Lace Color: Dark Brown

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