My Locs styles - answering locs questions

Answers to your questions about Locs, Loc extensions, Dreadlocks, Micro Locs, Sisterlocks and Dreads

Answers to your Loc Questions

One aspect of my 20-plus-year journey as a business owner that I've not fully explored is directly addressing your questions. While I've tackled many queries in person, via chat, or email, it's time to expand this conversation. With locs gaining ever-growing popularity and the influx of questions rising, I'm here to be your guide and confidant in the intricate world of locs.

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My Locs Journey

As I will be celebrating my 11th year of my braid locs journey and 21 years of being natural, I realize there's a wealth of knowledge and experiences I'm eager to share. From managing dry and breaking locs to dealing with a sensitive scalp, frizzy locs, and slippage, my journey has been rich with challenges and solutions. Now, I'm ready to pass this knowledge on to you.

To make this information more accessible and engaging, I will be answering your questions through TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube videos. This approach allows me to address your concerns thoroughly, ensuring that the information reaches a wider audience and becomes a resource you can easily share with others.

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In return for this knowledge-sharing, I humbly ask for your support. A simple like, share, or comment can make a significant difference. Additionally, my books, "Going Natural How to Fall in Love for Nappy Hair" and "Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles," are now available for download at only $5. These resources are packed with insights and stories to inspire and educate on the beauty of natural hair.

Ask your Loc Questions

So, what are your burning questions? Whether they're about Locs, Loc extensions, Dreadlocks, Micro Locs, Sisterlocks, or Dreads, I'm here to answer them. I'm eagerly anticipating your questions and looking forward to helping you navigate your natural hair journey.

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Let's embark on this journey together, armed with knowledge, passion, and a love for natural hair.

Looking forward to connecting with each of you.

Also see Growing locs for over 10 years and some of my Locs Styles. I will be sharing more of my styles this year. 

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