Mireille Liong CEO of What Naturals Love

Meet Mireille Liong Founder and CEO of What Naturals Love

Welcome to What Naturals Love!

All I aimed for at the start of my journey as a natural hair advocate was to use my IT expertise to uplift a community connected by its roots. 

Hidden in plain sight was the alarming fact that a staggering 73% of Black women were grappling with hair loss. Yet, what truly ignited my journey was the denial of its cause: the fact that Black people are the only people on planet earth who don’t have the basic human right to wear their God-given tresses natural.

Trying to bring to light that we can only grow healthy hair if we gain equal hair rights while aiming to debunk the stereotypical notions that afro hairstyles, locs and cornrows are somehow inadequate, became my life’s goal.

From my book Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, to  the groundbreaking America’s Next Natural Model pageant, from the eye-opening Bad Hair Uprooted exhibition to the dazzling Hair & Fashion shows, it has been a remarkable journey that built the foundation for What Naturals Love.

Today, I'm truly honored to welcome you to the WhatNaturalsLove community. This is far more than just another e-commerce store; it's a sanctuary where you'll discover carefully curated products, insightful blogs, and inspiring videos that embrace the limitless world of hair and fashion.

As you explore our platform, I encourage you to get involved, share your experiences, and join our discussions. 

Expect to receive updates, fashion tips, haircare insights and innovative products you won’t find anywhere else. Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with valuable content and solutions that empower you to celebrate yourself, your hair and your unique beauty.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Drs. Mireille Liong 
CEO, WhatNaturalsLove.com

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