Andre`s Locs Story

Do You Mind The Word Dreadlocks? Andre Discusses How Locs are Often Misinterpreted

In a recent conversation with Andre, a man who has been on a 15-year journey with dreadlocks, we delved into the world of hair as a statement of identity, artistic expression, and even potential discrimination.

Join us as we explore the intriguing facets of Andre's dreadlock journey and the broader implications of hair in society.

According to Andre, he initiated his loc journey as a means to preserve his identity. "I've been aware for some time," he revealed, "that I've lived my life both as my mother's child and my father's child. Preserving my identity has become a paramount concern."

Appreciating Diversity in Hair:

When it comes to dating and relationships, Andre is open-minded about women's hair, holding no specific preference.

As Andre suggests, beauty comes in many forms, and it's the character and personality that truly matter. Hairstyle should never be a barrier to forming genuine connections.

Do you mind the word Dreadlocks?

We asked Andre if he found it offensive if people call his hair dreadlocks.

He says, "It's offensive. It's just an understanding of what dreadlocks mean. And it's always mixed up with their religion. Oh, discrimination. No, no. So I'm not religious. I'm not a professional. I just have a lot of locks. Right? So, typically I would be a dreadlock. But it's not the rest of the pair. Okay. People always mistake me for the rest of the pair. And then they would... They would treat me like I am doing something wrong. Because I'm not the rest of the pair."

Andre's point about the misinterpretation of "dreadlocks" as a term often associated with religion is a valuable insight. Understanding the language we use when discussing our hair is essential.

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We hope that this conversation with Andre has enlightened you about the beauty of diversity in hair and the need for understanding and respect, regardless of cultural backgrounds and personal choices.

Embracing the art of locks is not just about hair; it's about embracing individuality, culture, and history, one strand at a time.

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