Honestly, the most challenging was the hesitation of how others would see me.

Honestly, the most challenging was the hesitation of how others would see me.

The Biggest Hurdle to overcome when starting a Loc Journey

Trina’s confession of her loc journey will resonate with many. Her Sisterlocks are long and luscious and she looks gorgeous, smiling.

One would have never imagined what it took for Trina to take the steps and really do it. We are talking about starting locs, the most natural way to grow African hair, natural hair, long.

“Honestly, the most challenging thing was the hesitation of how others would see me” That was her answer when I asked, what was the most difficult thing about your loc journey?

The reason so many of us Black women struggle to start locs or even to go natural is because our natural hair is not seen as the norm in this society. Today’s hair etiquette is based on straight hair and even though our hair is genetically different, these norms are so engrained that wearing our hair natural feels foreign to many of us. It is the most common and biggest hurdle to overcome, for most.

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Especially the idea of how people see us and what they would think of us. Jumaane Williams currently Public Advocate of New York, said in an interview that he noticed a different type of women were attracted to him when he started his locs.

Former Counsil Member Robert Cornegy said in an interview that people told him that he might have gone further if he didn’t have locs.

So, it’s not just our imagination and it’s not just women. We have a long way to go when it comes to accepting natural hair and especially when it comes to locs.

Trina who some say looks Ethiopian but has Sierra Leon and Jamaican roots, started getting encouragement from natualistas on YouTube. She said; I found myself watching hours of women showing me how my coils were perfect because they were uniquely designed by God. Growing up I was taught that my hair was a problem and needed to be changed, ie. perms, straightening. So, those videos gave me confidence in what I newly believed was beautiful hair.

So, nine years ago, she bravely took the step to start locing. Her original loctician whom she loved, is in Pittsburg. After moving Trina frequented other locticians but started to maintain her own locs a year ago.

My advice to women wanting to loc is to do it 100% for you. Embrace it before you start the journey and enjoy every stage, which is beautiful. 

Trina, who is now one of our valued content creators, tried the What Naturals Love Loc Glove. Watch her experience. 

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Trina is a Model @cmamodel, 🎬 Actress,🎤 Artist. You can find her on Instagram @trinalynn2

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