African Pantsuit Stylish Powerful Black & White

Dawn, Actress, Model and mother of 4, rocking the African Pantsuit

The allure of pantsuits lies not only in their aesthetic but also in their comfort. Tailored to perfection, these ensembles provide a level of ease that's often absent in more restrictive clothing choices. 

African Pantsuit Stylish Powerful Black & White

This customizable Stylish Two-Piece African Print Suit promises to make you feel like royalty, ensuring you own every room you enter.

Step into luxury with the 100% high-quality cotton fabric that adorns this suit. Not only does it caress your skin with comfort, but it also boasts a lining that ensures you feel regal from the inside out.

The fabric, perfectly cut to your size, embraces you with its softness and grace, allowing you to move with confidence and grace.

Watch Dawn, one of the models from our Hair & Fashion show, also mother of four beautiful kids, rocking the African Pantsuit. Click To Buy African Pantsuit Stylish Powerful Black & White

As a cherished piece of your wardrobe, the Stylish Two-Piece African Print Suit deserves special care. The 100% cotton fabric may shrink by 4%-6% after washing, but don't worry – it can stretch back. To maintain its allure, we recommend dry cleaning or washing cold and hanging it to dry.

The beauty of the Stylish Two-Piece African Print Suit lies in its personalization. With fabric options like Wax and Batik, you have the freedom to choose the one that resonates with your style and personality.

When you order,you will leave measurememnts of your bust, waist, hip, and shoulder – so that we can craft an ensemble that's made just for you. Please allow one to two weeks for crafting and another one to two weeks for shipping, as our garments are lovingly made to order.

 Click To Buy African Pantsuit Stylish Powerful Black & White

Necklace, Cuffs and earrings to match your style 

As you slip into the regal embrace of the pantsuit, its personalized fit and exquisite fabric become a canvas for your confidence. And now, adorned with the captivating Oval Choker,necklace that cascades gracefully, earings that twinkle with every movement, and a gold cuff bracelet that wraps your wrist in elegance. – a masterpiece in its own right – your look is elevated to a whole new level!

Silver cuff for Locs
Dawn is rocking this ancient cuff. It's also available in gold. Click to buy the Ancient Cuff.

 Click To Buy African Pantsuit Stylish Powerful Black & White

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