How I Detoxed my Locs using the Wash Basin for Locs

How I Detoxed my Locs using the Wash Basin for Locs

How I Detoxed my Locs using the Wash Basin for Locs

The first time I saw the video of a man washing his waist long locs in this inflatable shampoo basin, I knew I had to get one. Not only did his locs looked super nice, clean and shiny after the soak, it looked like it was a super relaxed experience. Just laying with your head in the basin for locs and let the water do the job. 

Much better than shampooing, massaging, rinse and repeat which takes time and runs up the water bill, this looked super easy relaxed. The water looked yucky afterwards but buildup in his hair was now soft and easy to remove. The best way to detox if you ask me, so I got one. It was one of the best experiences that I had to share.

Watch the video of how I Detoxed my Locs

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This was quite an expierce though. It took a bit of figuring things out but just watch the video to see how you can do it too! I didn't really had buildup to be honest but I still like to thoroughly wash my hair and prevent residue building up in my micro locs.

I did do the baking soda/acv rinse a couple of time but was not happy with the outcome. It dried out my hair severly which is why I use the loc bomb. 


Whether you wash your hair in the shower or in the sink, whether you have long locs or a head full of 4C, 4B or 4A kinks and coils, the basin allows you to create a hair spa environment at home where you can totally relax while getting your hair soaked and deeply cleaned. The result, super clean, soft and shiny hair.

Since I've gotting this inflatable basin, I hardly wash my hair in the shower. I just take time out to give my locs some love and myself some time to relax. Sometimes I watch TikTok videos, sometimes I just nap. I totally recommend it and would say do you!

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