Wash Basin for Locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks and Micro Locs

How to inflate and use the Loc Basin to Wash and Detox Locs

Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Locs, Dreadlocks and Sisterlocks.

The inflatable Hair & spa Shampoo basin is becoming a staple for people with locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks and even people with natural hair. That is not a surprise. Compared to dipping your hair in a sink or a bowl, it is a luxury to just lay down and relax while your luscious locs are being soaked. A question most people ask is how do you inflate and use the shampoo basin? So, here are the instructions.

The Hair & spa shampoo basin consist of two layers, a top and bottom part. Both layers each have inflatable holes. These are the parts you need to inflate the basin.

Inflatable shampoo basin to wash dreadlocks, locs, Sisterlocks

How to inflate the shampoo basin

Inflating the shampoo basin is a simple process. It is as simple as blowing air into a balloon as long as you know these trics. 

Squeeze the bottom of the spout to allow air to flow in then exhale and blow air into the basin. Let go of the pressure at the bottom of the spout then repeat. 

Setup the inflatable Shampoo Basin

How to use the inflatable shampoo basin

To make sure the water doesn't spill and you don't get water allover you when you lie with your head in the basin, you have to make sure not to overfill the basin with water. 

A good indicator is the line at the bottom part of the basin. Don't fill water over that line. 

Once you've filled the basin with water, add a towel at the bottom of the basin where your head is going to be. This is to support your neck for even more convenience and just in case water spills.  

Now it's time to drop the bomb! The Organic Shampoo bomb that is. For a limited time and until supply last you get one free Organic Shampoo bomb if you order the inflatable shampoo basin: Click to buy the Hair & Spa Shampoo Basin

Deflating the Hair & Spa Basin is even easier. Watch the video.

Inflatable Shampoo Basin for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Braidlocs, Locs and Natural Hair

Inflatable shampoo basin to wash dreadlocks, locs, Sisterlocks

To empty it connect the drainage outlet to the bottom drain.

 Shampoo Basin For Locs Instructions

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