Assemblymember Stefani Zinerman: 30 Years of Locs and a Mesmerizing Moment in the Magic Dress at the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show

Assembly Member Stefani Zinerman: 30 Years of Locs and a Mesmerizing Moment in the Magic Dress at the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show

Assemblymember Stefani Zinerman electrified the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show with an infectious air of confidence, delighting us all. As the Assemblywoman representing New York State district 56, she not only stands out for her signature locs but also for her impeccable style and her dedicated work as a community organizer.



Respresenting Bedstuy and Crown Heights

As a proud resident of lively Bedford Stuyvesant (Bedstuy), Zinerman, is widely recognized for her strong ties to the community. She's not just a local, but she's deeply involved. As the Chair of the Age Friendly Neighborhood Initiative, she's been dedicated to working with the elderly and for the past three years, Zinerman has been the voice of District 56. You can read more about the Assemblywoman's goals, accomplishments and work at the New York Essembly's website

Sporting Locs for Three Decades

With 30 years of rocking her locs, Stefani Zinerman has been a lifelong advocate for natural hair. Her loc journey kicked off when her five-year-old daughter decided that she wanted locs like her grandma, setting a beautiful family tradition. To dive deeper into Stefani Zinerman's inspiring loc journey, you can read her full story Celebrating Stefani Zinerman: A True Trailblazer in Politics and Natural Hair Advocacy.

The Moroccan Magic Dress and Flower Turban Combo

One couldn't help but be captivated by the Assemblywoman's style at the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show. The way she showed off the Moroccan  Dress was Magic. 

In her favorite color purple, the representative of District 56 graced the stage with confidence, pride and so much joy that the audience started cheering her on.

With the flower turban as the ultimate finishing touch, Miss Zinerman walked as a top model, stopped, stepped and showed off the versatility of the Magic Dress as a pro with a smile that lit up the audience watching in awe. Thankfully it was all recorded so you can enjoy it too. Let us know what you think and please share if you like. 

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