Model Fancy in African Ankara High Low Skirt & Stylish Long Sleeve Blouse Tunic for small and plus size women

"Shop the Look": An African Ankara High Low Skirt Paired with Stylish Long Sleeve Blouse

Ankara fabric, also known as African wax print, holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate its rich history. With roots tracing back to West Africa, the intricate patterns and vibrant colors of Ankara fabrics have become synonymous with cultural celebration. Our Ankara High Low Skirt proudly feature these distinctive prints, each telling a unique story and paying homage to African heritage.

Furthermore, the high low skirt design has been making waves in the fashion industry, and our Ankara High Low Skirt is no exception. This innovative silhouette captures the essence of both the traditional and the contemporary. The higher front hemline allows for ease of movement, while the longer back hem exudes

Its truly a contemporary piece that seamlessly blends tradition with modern style. Crafted from authentic African polyester, these skirts are not just garments; they're expressions of culture and identity.

We understand that fashion is a deeply personal expression of oneself. That's why we offer the option of customization for the African Ankara High Low Skirt. If your size isn't listed or if you dream of a skirt that reflects your unique style, our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life

The Stylish Long Sleeve Blouse Tunic

The Stylish Long Sleeve Blouse Tunic redefines casual chic with its understated yet fashionable design. Whether you're heading to a coffee date with friends, strolling through a local market, or simply enjoying a leisurely day, this tunic effortlessly elevates your look.

Its relaxed silhouette ensures comfort without compromising on style, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.

Accesorize to Complement The Outfit

We added the necklace wooden necklace beads . Wooden bead necklaces have a timeless appeal, blending seamlessly with various styles and fabrics. 

The texture of wooden beads creates visual interest and dimension, adding depth to your overall look. They can draw attention to your neckline and enhance your outfit's overall appeal.

Unlike heavy metal or plastic jewelry, wooden beads are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods, ensuring you feel at ease while looking fabulous.


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Tunic blouse High low African skirt with bow Shell Earrings Wooden beaded necklace 


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