Robert E. Cornegy's Locs Journey: A Story of Commitment, Pride, Determination and growing 4 feet long Locs

Robert E. Cornegy's Locs Journey: A Story of Commitment, Pride, Determination and growing 4 feet long Locs

How and why the 6 foot 10 former NBA player was determined to grow and keep his 4 feet long locs even while in public office. Scroll all the way down to watch the full video.

The Start of His Locs Journey

In 1997, while juggling the demands of graduate school and work, Robert E. Cornegy made a pivotal decision that would set him on a remarkable journey. Feeling the pressures of a busy schedule and limited time for grooming, he chose to let his hair grow freely until he completed his studies. Little did he know that this simple decision would mark the beginning of a deeply spiritual and transformative undertaking.


As the months turned into years, Robert's commitment to growing his locs only grew stronger. He embraced the challenges and uncertainties that came with the process, recognizing that his locs were not just a hairstyle but a symbol of his cultural identity and personal growth. His locs became a tangible representation of his dedication, patience, and self-discovery.

Locs in Public Office

As Robert's career progressed, he found himself stepping into the public eye as a political figure. Holding prominent positions, including chair of housing and building and chair of small business, Robert faced new challenges regarding his locs. In spaces where conformity often overshadowed individuality, Robert's commitment to his locs was put to the test.

The early stages of his loc journey were met with skepticism and misconceptions. Some questioned whether his locs were suitable for the conservative environments he navigated, such as the corporate world, government, and religious leadership. Yet, Robert stood firm, unwavering in his commitment to represent himself authentically and challenge societal expectations.

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Navigating Stereotypes and Misrepresentations

Throughout his journey, Robert became acutely aware of the misrepresentations of black men with locs in the media, particularly in Hollywood. Positive depictions of men with natural hair were limited, perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Robert's refusal to conform to these stereotypes and his commitment to break free from societal norms served as a powerful message to others.

A Symbol of Culture and Leadership

Robert's locs became more than just a personal hairstyle; they became a symbol of his commitment to his community and his values. Rooted in his upbringing as a preacher's kid, he understood the responsibility of servant leadership and embraced his role as a representative for his community.

His locs were not just a fashion statement but a profound statement of pride in his heritage and a stand against the pressures to conform. They represented resilience, strength, and a connection to his roots.

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Beyond Public Office: A Continued Commitment

As Robert transitioned from public office, his commitment to his locs journey remained unwavering. With a focus on supporting black small businesses and increasing economic participation within the black community, he continued to be a force for positive change.

His lobbying and consulting firm became a platform to advocate for black entrepreneurs, ensuring they have equal opportunities to shape the economic landscape of the city. Robert's journey inspired others to embrace their authentic selves, challenge societal norms, and stand tall with pride.


Robert E. Cornegy's locs journey is a powerful narrative of commitment, pride, and determination. From the start of his locs journey during graduate school to navigating public office and challenging stereotypes, Robert's unwavering dedication to his authentic self has been an inspiration to many.

His locs became a symbol of cultural pride, leadership, and resilience. Despite facing challenges and pressures to conform, Robert stood firm, proving that commitment to one's identity can lead to transformative personal growth and positive change in society.

As Robert continues to make an impact beyond public office, his journey serves as a beacon of hope for others to embrace their roots, defy expectations, and follow their own paths with unwavering commitment and pride.



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