The Best of BAM DanceAfrica's Bazaar: Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza

The Best of BAM DanceAfrica's Bazaar: Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza

Memorial Day Weekend in Brooklyn is always a special time as the unofficial start of the summer is initiated with BAM Dance Africa. It's my pleasure to share a couple of highlights of the 2024 edition.

A Celebration of Culture and Community

DanceAfrica, now in its 47th year, is a beloved tradition at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). It’s not just a festival; it’s a movement that celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of Africa and its diaspora. The bazaar, held outdoors, is a highlight of the festival, transforming the streets around BAM into a bustling marketplace filled with vendors, artisans, and performers. 

Kinkeliba, Senegalese Ginger Passion Tea

The celebration of African cultures comes to live when you stroll the bazaar. The streets are a kaleidoscope of colors, rhythms, and flavors and all you can do is absorb and enjoy. 

One of my favorite vendors is Isseu Diouf Campbell, photographer, founder of Africa in Harlem  and creator of Kinkeliba Ginger Passion Tea. This ice tea, made with the West African Super-Tea Kinkeliba, is one of the things I always buy whenever I see her, wherever I see her and her drinks. The tea is not just refreshing, the taste is just the perfect combination of sweet and sour with a hint of ginger. The best thing about it is that it is mineral-rich and caffeine-free tea with higher antioxidant levels than green tea. That is the reason Kinkeliba also called the “health tree”. I had never heard of it before she started selling the tea but I immediately believed her because unlike most sugary drinks this tea doesn't upset my stomach. If you want to try her tea, I can highly recommend it. You can order it online at:

Besides her teas Isseu also sells these bags that she gets from her homeland of Senegal. 

EcoWrist, the Entrepreneur couple with Suriname roots

MarQuerite and David

Another couple that I always enjoy seeing are the entrepreneurs behind the lifestyle brand EcoWrist. David Gandy and MarQuerite Hamden, husband and wife, are not just lovely, styleful, colorful souls. They offer the most beautiful eco-friendly watches I've ever seen. What makes it worthwhile is that they are serious about their craft and mission. See their statement:

Our company strives for sustainability through the use of natural materials and minimal wastes to ensure as little effect on the environment as possible. We follow fair trade practices to make sure everyone is happy from farmer to consumer.

What makes them even more special for me is that MarQuerite has Surinamese roots and David always says Fawaka when we meet which means, 'How are you doing' in Surinamese lanuage.  You can check out their store at Ecowrist.

African Fashion for you

One can never get bored at BAM, the fashion at the BAM bazaar alone is just endlessly captivating. From earrings to complete outfits there is something for everybody. From bold and elegant to stylefully colorful you will find the most inpiring creations to start your summer. Watch the video for a little glimps. 

For those of you who can't make it to this Brooklyn festival, we put together  a great new African collection so you don't have to miss out. Click to shop our African Collection.


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