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The Ultimate Guide to the Loc Glove: Everything You Need to Know

The Loc Glove: The Ultimate Solution for Loc Care

The WNL Loc Glove is fast becoming the go-to grooming tool for enthusiasts of Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Microlocs, and other natural loc styles. Its multifunctional design makes it an indispensable item for anyone looking to maintain their locs in top condition.

What is the WNL Loc Glove?

This innovative tool is not just a glove; it's a comprehensive solution for loc maintenance. The WNL Loc Glove is a specially designed, easy-to-use, anti-static glove that enhances the shine of your locs and keeps them free from lint, odors, frizz, and build-up. It also significantly reduces drying time. 

The Composition of the WNL Loc Glove

Made from high-quality, soft microfiber, the WNL Loc Glove is anti-static and highly absorbent. It traps pollutants, odors, pet hair, allergens, and can absorb up to five times its weight in water, making it an essential tool for loc care.

 Loc Glove the bag and the card it comes with
This is what the Loc Glove looks like. It is one size fits all. 

How to Use the WNL Loc Glove for Optimal Loc Care

  • Grooming Your Locs: Wear the glove and gently stroke through your locs.
  • Drying Locs: The glove acts as a super-absorbent tool to quickly dry your locs.
  • Scalp Care: Use the glove to gently massage and cleanse your scalp.
  • Moisturizing Your Hair: Evenly distribute moisture or hair products with the glove.
  • Frequency of Use: Ideal for daily or weekly use, adaptable to your hair care regimen.

Customer Insights on the Loc Glove

Our customers rave about the WNL Loc Glove's effectiveness in maintaining the health and appearance of their locs, making it a popular choice in the natural hair community.

Customer's review of the Loc Glove for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Micro Locs

Kim's review of the Loc Glove

The Functionality of the WNL Loc Glove

The glove is designed to trap pollutants and absorb moisture, maintaining the natural beauty and health of your locs.

Caring for Your WNL Loc Glove

To ensure its longevity and effectiveness, wash or rinse the glove after each use, dry it completely, and avoid using fabric softeners.

The Versatility of the WNL Loc Glove

Not just for locs – the WNL Loc Glove works wonders on natural hair too, helping to keep curls defined and evenly distributing hair products.

9 Creative Uses of the Loc Glove

9 ways to use the Loc glove

Discover various ways to incorporate the Loc Glove into your hair care routine, enhancing its utility and effectiveness.

Ready to revolutionize your hair care routine? Get your WNL Loc Glove today and see the remarkable difference in your locs!

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