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Our Cause - Equal Hair Rights is a social enterprise founded to change the perception of natural hair.

Because an astounding 73% of Black women are suffering from a hair loss condition called relaxer induced alopecia; that is hair loss caused by hazardous chemical hair straighteners.*

The main cause, beyond what is seen or spoken about, is the fact that natural hairstyles like locs (Dreadlocks), braids and cornrows are not officially accepted in schools or the corporate world.

It is a Human Rights Issue
Black people are the only people on planet earth who don’t have the human right to wear their God-given tresses naturally. The only race that needs to go to court to obtain the right to wear hairstyles that are natural for their afro-textured strands.

This human rights issue is the fundamental reason for the incomprehensible disproportional hair damage of Black women worldwide.

Our Goal
Our goal is equal hair rights for every woman. A woman should be able to choose a hairstyle based on her preferences and not feel pressured to wear a hairstyle that is going against her genetics and damaging to her own natural texture.

How do we fight for equal hair rights?
Founder Drs. Mireille Liong started creating awareness in 2002 with the first Dutch book about natural hair care and the first ever ecommerce hair website in the Netherlands,

Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles
With a camera in hand, Drs. Liong started shooting for justice in 2003; one headshot at a time, aiming for equal hair rights.

The colorful portraits are used in a traveling exhibition to create awareness and spread the word and uplift our consciousness about the beauty of natural hair. 

The exhibition, now named Bad hair Uprooted has been on display internationally. Please contact us if you want the exhibition to come to you. The book coffee table photo book is available in our store. Click to buy the book: BAD Hair Uprooted the Untold History of Black Follicles

America’s Next Natural Model
Inspired by Tyra Banks, Liong also created America’s Next Natural Model, an online pageant to promote natural beauty. See the models of America’s Next Natural Model.

Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair
For every woman contemplating transitioning to natural hair, Liong published Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair. The supporting website is the longest running natural hair blog online, live since 2004.

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Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair

What Naturals Love
All projects above established the foundation for More than an ecommerce store for hair and fashion we offer specialty products that nourish our hair to flourish, accessories to complement our hairstyles and Diaspora fashion that turns heads!

What is next? Ssst…
We can’t reveal everything yet but the unstoppable miss Liong is working on a documentary. If you like what she’s done so far and you want to support, you are more than welcome.

How can you support?
By shopping with us, you support our goal. Spreading the word also helps greatly. Nothing like the word of mouth so, please like, comment, share our store and items and follow us on social media.

Last but certainly not least, you can donate. We appreciate every supportive follow, like, comment or share and donation. Click to donate.

As they say in Suriname, gran tangi. A big thank you. 

Relaxers Can Cause  African Americans' Hair Loss by Dr. Jeffrey J. Miller

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