Macaroon Rollers, Afro Curlers

Wendy tried the Afro Curlers, see the results.

Macaroon Rollers Afro Curlers in Dreadlocks

Are you ready for something new?

One thing that hasn’t changed is naturals and loc’d ladies looking for a way to stay fly during lockdown. It’s all about self-care, and sometimes the inspiration that comes from trying something new. Looking for a new color, or maybe just a new style? Have you tried our Afro-Curlers yet?

Afro-Curlers are soft and colorful and feel just like sponge rollers—only made exclusively for natural hair, including braids and locs. They are comfortable to sleep in, or lounge in, for those pampering themselves at home. Sisterlocked lady Wendy recently received them as a gift and tried them on her mid-back length locs, sharing the outcome on the Sisterlocked and Lovin’ It group. The result was soft and lovely curls guaranteed to turn heads.

Frequently asked questions include:

  1. How do I use these rollers? They are very similar to sponge rollers. Wrap one or several locs around each curler. Afro-Curlers are designed to work with the texture of your hair so no hairpins or clips are needed.
  2. Is any particular length required? It is recommended that these be used on hair at least 5-6 inches in length, though these soft curlers may be used for much longer lengths and for any stage from beginner to mature locs.
  3. How many packs will I need? The number of curlers required will depend on the length and density of your hair, and the tightness of curls desired. A full head of Afro Curlers may require 6-8 packs for short or low-density hair or locs.
  4. How do these compare to pipe cleaner curls? Afro-Curlers are much softer, easier to sleep on, and may be re-used many times. The resulting curls are gentler and less tightly coiled than most pipe-cleaner sets.

For tighter curls and long-lasting results, try these curlers on wash day with a heat set under a warm dryer, or any day with mousse or your favorite setting lotion. Enjoy!

Do you want to make yourself or someone else happy with these curlers? You easily can. Click to order the easy to sleep on Afro-Curler on sale.

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