Yassant`s Locs Story

Yassant`s 30-Year Long Locs Story

Yassant, embraced the beauty of natural locks nearly three decades ago. In a recent conversation with Mireille, Yassant shares his personal experience with locing and dispels myths about discrimination and maintenance associated with this distinctive hairstyle.

Yassant's Lock Journey

Yassant's journey into the world of locks began with a simple attraction to the style. She had already embraced natural hair, and the allure of locs was irresistible. It's a testament to the power of self-discovery and the capacity to find beauty in the unique.

She says: "About 30 years ago. I mean, it was when people first started. And I've been wearing my hair naturally most of my adult life. So when I saw the locks, I just thought, wow, I like that. And then I started locking. It was difficult at first because if we get to a certain length, and I couldn't put it up and I couldn't put it down. And then I said, you out. I know people say locks are a spiritual thing. But for me, they are. But hair on my hair, whether it's short hair or no hair, ball hair, or locs. So I just like it. I like the way it feels. I don't go through a lot of changes with it. I don't do all the intricate stuff."

We take a moment to compliment Yassant on her well-tailored suit, and she's quick to show it off, proudly embracing his sense of style and self-expression through both his hair and clothing.

On Potential Loc Discrimination
Intriguingly, Yassant reveals that she hasn't faced much discrimination because of his locks. She emphasizes that if she ever felt discriminated against, he would leave the situation immediately.

She does recall a time when there were discussions about a theater character he portrayed and whether the character should have locs, but she didn't feel this was appropriate outside of a specific context.

Yassant's response to potential discrimination reflects her confidence in his choice and willingness to stand up for her own identity.

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The Freedom of Locks

She explains that , the best thing thing about locs is that they grow out of her hair nappy. And for her, it doesn't take a lot of maintenance because she twisted the front with the back. "So you can kind of do what you want to do with locks."

Yassant finds beauty in the natural texture of his locks and the fact that they require minimal maintenance. She shares that she twists the front with the back, allowing her the freedom to experiment with her hairstyle.

Yassant's love for locks is evident in her response. She finds freedom and ease in the natural growth of locks and their versatility.


Yassant's journey reminds us that our choices should reflect our true selves and make us feel good in our own skin, or in his case, under his natural, nappy locks.

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