Sheena’s Loc Story: How She Started and Maintained Her Beautiful Locs for 15 years

Sheena's Loc Story: How She Started and Maintained Her Beautiful Locs

Sheena is a proud loc wearer who started her journey in March of 2008. She decided to lock her hair because she wanted a style that she could maintain on her own, as she was going back to school for grad school and knew that she wouldn't have much time to do her hair. She says that locking her hair was the best hair decision she ever made in her life, as it perfectly fits her texture, lifestyle, and personality.

Sheena did not go to a professional loctician to start or maintain her locks. She only went once to get some palm rolls, but after that, she learned how to do it herself and has been doing so ever since. She loves the ease and versatility of her locks, and she doesn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She says that a lot of people don't appreciate the versatility of locks, and they think that you're stuck in one hairstyle. But Shena proves them wrong by rocking different styles with her locks, such as buns, braids, twists, curls, and more.

Sheena says that she never faced any hair discrimination or negative comments about her locks, at least not to her face. She says that if anyone had a problem with her hair, it was their problem, not hers. She says that her locks represent her natural beauty and authenticity, and she wouldn't change them for anything. She encourages anyone who is thinking about locking their hair to go for it and embrace their unique loc journey. She says that locks are not just a hairstyle, but a lifestyle and a statement of self- love.

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