A Twist Out on Locs, an easy Hairstyle to add volume to your Sisterlocks, Micro locs or Dreadlocks

A Twist Out on Locs, an easy Hairstyle to add volume to your Sisterlocks, Micro locs or Dreadlocks

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So I got my hair retightened by stylist Nicole at Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon in Brooklyn, New York. They are on Nostrand Avenue and they did a really good job. But now it's time to take them out for a curly look and see how that looks. Keep watching.

So taking this hair out is a process. I mean, these are little rubber bands and it's not easy to take them out, so you have to cut them. And when you cut them, you have to make sure that you don't cut your locks. But if you don't do this, the ends may loosen. 

That's how you start taking out this style, the twists. This is to keep them together. So that's a process. So this is what it looks like when the ends are loose. You can see the difference. These are the rubber bands that I took out and now we can start the process of taking down these twists. 

Easy part, this is just easy. Super, super, super easy. So they are twisted. Two twists are twisted, as you can see. This is super, super easy. If you want to know what I use for my hair. WNL Hair, tea, it's available on Whatnaturalslove.com. Hair tea. I spray on my scalp. I use the loc bombs to wash my hair. That is really all I use. And of course the roller braid to massage my scalp and add hair serum to my scalp. You can see that I have a kind of curlier, fuller look already. 

So this is the longest part of my hair. So this is my already fuller look. One last one to go. I've got them all now. Ha. Wow. I like this. I like this. It's just a twist out, basically. A twist out on my looks. Nice. Very nice. And I feel another one. You ask me what did I use to keep the curls? I used my what naturals love hair grow tea. I sprayed it. And that's how these twist, this twist came out so nice. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching. I like it. I hope you do too. Thanks for watching. Follow me on whatnaturalslove.com, on TikTok, Facebook, you can go to my website. Please go shopping for all your hair and natural hair and loc products and I hope to see you online.

Products Used

What Naturals Love Hair Growth Tea Loc Bomb for Locs, Dreadlocks, Bradlocs, Sisterlocks

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Sherida Kerpens
Sherida Kerpens

Kan ik begeleiding krijgen voor de producten bestellen

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