Barrel Roll Curls in Micro Locs

Barrel Roll Curls in Micro Locs

 Barrel Roll Curls

Whoever thinks that locs are not versatile better thinks again. Locs, micro, Sisterlocks or traditional Dreadlocks are as versatile as any other hair-type. Barrel rolls are just one example. 

Actually, I have only ever seen barrel rolls like these in locs. I would say that they are unique to locs.

The great thing about these rolls is that they are what I call a 2-in-1 hairstyle. The barrel rolls in and on itself are a style and when you take them out, you have another style. How great is that!

Barrel rolls are also super handy and practical. When your hair is long, and you need a break, you can take a break without cutting your hair. You'll get a nice bob style that you can rock however long you want. Yes, you can wear them till your next retie or re-twist. 

It does take skills to create barrel rolls in locs. Since I am not super handy, I had mine done at the Hair Box in Paramaribo, Suriname. It took about three hours to retie and barrel roll my 200 braidlocs. 

    Before going to the salon, I had my hair washed with one of the Organic Shampoo Bombs. The Lemon Grass one. Still my favorite. 

    Organic Shampoo Bombs

    I also took some WNL Hair Growth Tea with me that she could use during the retie for when my hair dried up. 

    The WNL Hair Growth Tea doesn't just stimulate my hair growth, it also makes my new growth softer and gives my hair elasticity like it never had before.

    WNL Hair Growth Tea

    This style was also super handy because it was hot in Suriname. With my hair in those barrel rolls, I didn't have to do it in an updo all the time. I could just walk around with my bob-styled barrel rolled locs. 

    To keep the style looking as fresh as possible, I did wear a bonnet at night or sleep on a silk pillow case. In the morning before I left the house, I would spray the WNL Hair Growth Tea on my scalp to make sure my scalp was moisturized and protected from the hot sun. 

    I had the barrel rolls in for about a month or so before taking them down. Taking them out was easy. When you find that one loc that holds the barrel together, it is easy to unroll. 

    Then, when I took them out my hair was full, full of curls! I loved the curls! Again I did sleep with a bonnet to keep them in as long as possible. In the humid climate they lasted a week and a half.  

    Of all the curls I tried these may be my favorite. The only problem is I am not that handy so maybe I should start to learn how to do barrel rolls.

    How about you? Have you ever had barrel rolls or would you try them?

    Hair Growth Tea

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