People of the Sun's Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage

People of the Sun's Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage

In the heart of Brooklyn's Coney Island, a vibrant and soul-stirring event takes place every second Saturday in June: The People of the Sun Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage. As they described it: A day full of poetry, dancing and love.

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Of all the cultural events in Brooklyn, this one was high on my list and I wasn't about to miss it this year. 

On the question what to bring, The people of the Sun Middle Passage Collective Tribute answered on their facebook page: First, yourself, lots of love and positive energy.

Juneteenth The People of the Sun Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage

Marcus Garvey Park Drummers and Congo Square Drummers Circle 

Then, bring water and flowers. We do not have food vending so bring your own food and snacks. We have chairs but people like to sit on the sand. If you are one of those people, bring a blanket and umbrella and whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, if you have any kind of instrument drums, cowbell ect, bring them and let's pay tribute to our ancestors known and unknown. And, so I went.

Juneteenth The People of the Sun Tribute to the Ancestors of the Middle Passage

While a welcoming breeze greeted me on this beautiful summer day on the Coney Island Boardwalk, the earth-shaking beats of drums drew me to a crowd of beautiful people dressed in white. 

Their attire, symbolic of purity and unity, created a striking visual as they paid tribute to the ancestors who had endured the unimaginable hardships of the Middle Passage.

A Feast for the Senses:
Skilled in their craft, the drummers of Congo Square Drummers Circle and Marcus Garvey Park Drummers Circle channeled their energy into a pulsating heartbeat that set the stage for the day's festivities. The air filled with the beats of live drumming, created a steady cadence that served as a powerful reminder of the ancestral roots that bind us together. 

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As the drumming reverberated through the crowd, we watched performances by
Shanto, ImamouLale, RBG Girls and Ngoma Hill.

Poets verses spoke of strength, resilience, and the indomitable spirit that transcended generations. Words that served as a tribute to the ancestors, conveying their stories to new ears and hearts.

Dancers swayed and moved with grace, invoking the spirits of those who came before. Their bodies became vessels through which the ancestral energy flowed, connecting the present to the past. The rhythmic movements told stories of struggle, triumph, and unity, reminding us of the power that lies within our collective history.

Amidst this captivating symphony, voices soared with tunes and stories to harmonize and honor the lives lost. Singers with melodies that withstood the test of time and songs that invited us to join in a timeless journey of our ancestors' experiences.

A Sea of Homage:

As the day transitioned into evening, a procession commenced, led by the resounding beats of the drumers. The crowd, now a united force, marched towards the water's edge. Flowers in hand, they paid their respects, offering a symbolic tribute to those who had been lost during the transatlantic slave trade. 

In this moment of reflection and release, healing takes place. Participants find solace in knowing that their ancestors are not forgotten and that their stories live on through their descendants. The sea becomes a vessel of remembrance, carrying the hopes, dreams, and collective strength of those who endured the Middle Passage.

I encourage everyone to mark their calendars for next year's event, to join in the celebration of Juneteenth and pay homage to the ancestors who paved the way for us. Together, let us continue to carry their legacy forward, ensuring that their stories are never forgotten and their spirits live on.

In the words of The People of the Sun Middle Passage Collective, "Aseoooo," may the blessings and power of the ancestors guide us on our journey towards freedom and unity.

Facebook page of The People of the Sun Middle Passage Collective 

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