Leather Hair tie for Locs Ponytail - do not touc my hair hair tie

Hair Ties to Empower a Loc journey, express Natural Hair pride and show off a ponytail


Good hair ties are not easy to find. Most hair ties for locs or natural hair pull out your strands. Some are either too tight or become too loose outstretching their functionality after only a few uses. And, they aren’t even cute. These are just basic looking hair ties that lack functionality. Why do we still put up with them?

Leather Hair ties for Locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Braids Locs PonytailWNL to the rescue

Luckily there is What Naturals Love. On a mission to promote the beauty of natural hair and empower those on a natural hair or loc journey, I did some deep thinking and got to work. I am elated to now finally offer a hair tie designed for Black hair that does more than just holding together hair in a ponytail.

Genuine leather

First, I choose genuine leather because it is non-damaging to locs, braids and natural hair. Leather is also durable which allows one to invest in a ponytail holder heirloom that can possibly proudly be passed on to the next generations of naturals to come.



Since natural hair is very versatile, not just in curls but also in volume, I knew that the What Naturals Love hair ties had to be adjustable. As someone with locs herself, I also had to take into account that traditional locs and sisterlocks vary greatly. Not just in the size of the locs themselves but also in the number of locs. So, adjustability was key in a way that is incomparable to the usual hair ties made for straight hair. Yet, I was still not done.

I love my natural hair hair tie for Afros, 4C hair, braids and locs

 Say it with a hair tie; I am natural and I am proud

Understanding the challenges and the emotions that come with a loc and natural hair journey like no other, I wanted the hair ties to be more than just a regular looking adjustable ponytail holder, even if it was made from genuine leather.

I wanted a ponytail holder that expressed pride and empowerment but also convey a message to allow our hair to be and allows one to enjoy their journey in peace.  

Admire from afar

So, viola! The What Naturals Love hair ties have a stainless steel plate to added to them that express our sentiments no matter where we are in your journey.

Now you can simply express your love and joy with pride by wearing a hair tie that reads "I love my Hair" whether you have locs, braids or a natural. If you want to be more specific, you can choose "I love my Locs" whether you have Sisterlocks or traditional sized Dreadlocks.

Locs Not Dreads hair tie for locs ponytail for Dreadlocks, Locs, Sisterlocks

For those of us who don’t appreciate the word “Dreadlocks”, there is the fabulous hair tie that reads “Locs: Not Dreads”.

Then there are the What Naturals Love hair ties to prevent people from making the mistake we all dread; to touch our hair without our consent. The hair ties that will allow you to wear your Afro puff or locs ponytail in peace are the " Do Not Touch" and “Admire From Afar" hair ties.

Last but certainly not least, people who want to support What Naturals Love's mission for equal hair rights, can purchase a hair tie with our name and logo on it. 

Perfect gift giveaway

These new What Naturals Love hair ties make a great gift for anyone who wants to rock their ponytail and is tired of the predictable, non-functional hair ties no matter your hair texture.

So, as an introduction and to start of the celebration of Black History Month, I am giving away 4 of these new What Naturals Love adjustable leather hair ties . One every week.

If you want one for yourself, or you would like to gift someone one of these empowering hair ties, please leave a comment and tell us who you like to give one to and why.

If you are ready to order, here is where you can order the adjustable leather hair ties for your locs ponytail, Afro puff or braids.    

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Nakisha S Winston
Nakisha S Winston

I would like a hair tie. I purchased the Loc Cuff but my hair was too thick for it to work.

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