How to adorn your Braidlocs with Cowrie Shells

How to adorn your Braidlocs with Cowrie Shells

How to adorn your braidlocs with Cowrie Shells

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Cowrie shells have always been popular and for good reason. The little shiny white sea shells had spiritual meaning, were used as currency in Africa as well as Asia and still today can adorn a person from head to toe.

For all of those reasons but mainly because we want you to adorn yourself with these beautiful Cowrie Shells, we created a special section for jewelry made with these adornments from the sea. Wanna see? Click to see our Cowrie Shell Adornments.

Whether you choose to wear them around your neck, finger or in your hair tie, besides enhancing your look, we hope the shells bring out in you the goddess of the ocean next to good fortune and prosperity.

How to adorn your braidlocs with Cowrie Shells


See the pictures and watch the videos to see how you can wear the cowrie shells as a necklace or as a hair tie.

My example is with braidlocs of course but it doesn't matter whether if you have a 4C Afro, braids, curly hair or even a TWA. The shiny shells not only adorn every hairdo, they are also go well with every style.


These are very simple to wear. The ties are adjustable and you can pull them over your head. If you have big hair or long locs like me, make sure you put your hair in a bonnet before pulling the cowrie tie over your head.

This will save you the hassle that the tie get stuck or lost in your hair along the way.

Once it's over your head you can easily adjust the tie to whatever length you prefer.

Good luck, enjoy and please send us your cowrie shell style! Click to order.

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