Models and Hairstylists, Locticians and Naturalistas: Your Time to Shine at the Annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show!

Models and Hairstylists, Locticians and Naturalistas: Your Time to Shine at the Annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show!

Hey there, fabulous models, talented hairstylists, skilled locticians, and natural hair enthusiasts! We're beyond thrilled to invite you to the most anticipated event of the year: the annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show. Get ready to showcase your unique beauty, talent, and passion for natural hair on August 27. This is your chance to shine like never before, so text us your name, photo, and measurements today to secure your spot in this spectacular celebration!



The Essence of What Naturals Love: At What Naturals Love, we're all about embracing and celebrating the natural hair journey. We believe that every coil, kink, and curl tells a story—a story of self-acceptance, empowerment, and the beauty of diversity. Our annual Hair & Fashion Show is the epitome of this celebration, where we come together to honor the versatility, creativity, and power of natural hair. It's a gathering of like-minded individuals who appreciate and admire the beauty that lies within our unique tresses.

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Calling All Models: Are you ready to grace the runway and captivate the audience with your natural beauty? We're searching for models who embrace their natural hair, radiate confidence, and embody the spirit of What Naturals Love. It doesn't matter if you have fierce afros, gorgeous locs, or stunning protective styles—your unique look is what we crave! So, seize this opportunity to become a muse for fashion designers and hairstylists, showcasing the perfect harmony between natural hair and exquisite fashion.

Calling All Hairstylists and Locticians: Are you a skilled hairstylist or talented loctician with a passion for working with natural hair? We want you to be part of our Hair & Fashion Show's dream team! Your expertise and creativity play a pivotal role in bringing the models' hairstyles to life, accentuating their natural beauty, and pushing the boundaries of hair artistry. Join us in creating breathtaking styles that inspire and empower, leaving the audience in awe of the endless possibilities of natural hair.

How to Get Involved: To be part of the annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show, follow these simple steps:

  1. Take out your phone and send us a text with your name, photo, and measurements (including height, bust, waist, and hip measurements). This will help us get in touch with you and assess your suitability for different fashion ensembles.

  2. Get ready to rock the runway by showcasing your natural hair in all its glory. Whether it's afros, curls, locs, or any other natural style, we celebrate them all!

  3. Be prepared to attend fittings and rehearsals leading up to the big day. We'll work together to ensure you're comfortable, confident, and ready to slay the runway.

  4. Mark your calendars for August 27, the day when you'll join a group of incredible individuals who are passionate about celebrating natural hair and fashion.

Conclusion: The annual What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show is the perfect platform for models, hairstylists, locticians, and naturalistas to come together and shine. It's a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the immense beauty that natural hair brings to the world of fashion. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent, inspire others, and be part of an empowering movement that's redefining beauty standards. Text us your details today, and let's make this Hair & Fashion Show an unforgettable experience!

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