Master Cleanse at the gym

My 10 day Master Cleanse

I've lost count but this was certainly not my first time doing the Master Cleanse. Since I got tons of questions when I did it the last time, I thought I'd make a video about this fast and repost the blog.

Ingredients of the Master Cleanse

Day 1 of the Master Cleanse

It's not easy. I know and I am already asking myself if I am going to make 5 days. Let alone 10.
So I am trying to focus on the goal here:

1) Fixing my upset stomach.
2) Getting rid of allergies.
3) Boosting my health

I am trying to keep busy. Not thinking about food.

Then hunger strikes. I sip water, tea next to the lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup water.

Only a few more hours before day 1 ends. Then it's only 9 more.

Day 2 of the Master Cleanse

I think I eased into it. I already like the results. Stomach and joints feel better. Allergies are less. This motivates me.

Not thinking about food anymore. Just when I am hungry. Gotta keep up with drinking the maple syrup water. I rather drink tea or water but when I get hungry, I have to go back to the cayenne/lemon/maple water.

So I went to the gym. Keeping busy is good but carefully plan in between bowel movements. You do want to take that into consideration. Don't drink anything, not even water until you are home. Believe me.

You don't want your stomach to start making noises when you are on the treadmill or any other machine. I don't care how fast you are. It's not the noises that will embarrass you. 😉 Also mentioned nowhere, get yourself some flushable wipes.

It's a journey. In a few more hours, It's 8 more days.
No photo description available.


Day 3 of the Master Cleanse

My joints feel rejuvenated, my eyesight is better and best of all, my stomach is calm. Yay! Wow. Energy levels are also up and my senses are sharpened.

Naturally I have very good sense of smell but now it's like I can smell every herb that is used in a food and I can smell smokers from down the street.

Still it doesn't get easier. Every time I am hungry, I realize it's only day 3. Seven more days? How!

I think about the first thing I will eat when the fast is over. My cashews were looking at me. I was looking at them first, I know.

Cashews are usually my first food in the morning. Warm heated in the oven with coconut oil, Himalaya salt and moringa powder. It's healthy, I know and I should be able to have that right? No, not when you're cleansing, I know that too.

My stomach feels empty. It's more than 2 days of without food. There can't be anything left in my continuously hungry stomach but after every bowel movement, I am surprised. Stuff still comes out.

It feels like cleaning the nitty gritty of a bathroom, house or car where you have to get even the smallest pieces of dirt built up over decades.

So yeah, it takes time. It's a process. I am still in.

My last meal Saturday was Kangkung belacan (Dagoeblad). Highly recommend it:

Kangkung Belacan is a Malaysian spicy water spinach stir fry flavored with chilies and shrimp paste. Full of umami flavor and delicious with steamed rice. | #kangkungbelacan #belacankangkung #kangkung #waterspinach
Cancun, Chinese vegetable dish

Day 4 of the Master Cleanse

Rough, rough day today. Usually on day four energy levels are way up. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not drinking my food.

The Master Cleanse program says 6 to 12 glasses per day, I think I only had 2. I was nearly out of lemons, went to the supermarket but forgot my wallet was in my gym bag. Then I decided to save my food for next morning.

I was really, really hungry late at night but just kept drinking moringa tea and water. Here is where you realize that that maple syrup thing is not made up.

I woke up light headed. Weak. Maple does contain all the minerals your body needs to function.

I remember one of the failed cleanses when I was so tired of maple syrup, I drank coconut water instead. Same result, super light headed. To the point where I felt like fainting.

It took half the day to recover and function normal again slowly sipping my maple syrup lemon mix.

The most difficult thing about this cleanse is not eating, at the same time it is also the easiest thing. You don't have to think about what you can have. It's simple, nothing. So a switch turns off. You just can't have food.

This kind of hunger is new to me though. I don't remember ever feeling this hungry.

Still, I am scared to say next level hungry because I know this still a luxury choice. There are people on this globe who don't have a choice but to be hungry all the time.

So, I just become more aware of my blessings and feel even more compassion for the hungry. According to many religions, the spiritual side of fasting.

The good thing today: I discovered my hair has grown. I don't think I ever shared a length pict. So here it is.

Tomorrow I will be half way my cleanse. At least I made 4.

No photo description available.

Mireille Liong 6 year Braidlocs length

Day 5 of the Master Cleanse

Wow day 5. Day 5! I am half way. Yay!

I am truly happy I made it this far. So looking forward to next week Wednesday when I can eat again. Still, taking it one day at the time though. Afraid I may not make it if I look too far ahead.

I noticed a few pimples. Never had that before but I know it often happens when your body starts to purge toxins. It's more than ok because I know, I feel my body starts healing.

My knees, my knees, oh my knees, feel so supple. It's like my joints are all oiled up. I twerked all the way to the ground today without an issue! I don't know if you consider that a new high or low but it felt good, LOL.

So today was a good day. I also met with Noraly Soedito who visited with her family from Amsterdam. We know each other from Women Empowerment project in 2015 but never met in real life. It was fun chatting up even though I could only watch her eat the Salmon bowl, my favorite dish at Cocoa Grinder.

It looked great. She truly enjoyed and I am glad she did. Still, I wasn't even tempted because I know I can have it again in 5 days. Up to day 6.

Day 4
Day 3:
Day 2:
Day 1:

Image may contain: 2 people, including Noraly Soedito, people smiling
Mireille Liong with Noraly from Amsterdam in Bedstuy Brooklyn
No photo description available.
Salmon bowl from Coco Grinder Bedstuy Brooklyn

Day 6 of the Master Cleanse

Not a lot of energy today. Probably because I went to bed around 4:30 in the morning. It happens when you run an online businesses and things need to get done.

In case you didn't know,, the longest running natural hair blog, is celebrating its 15th anniversary. So, as the creator I am celebrating with a hair show and giveaways to come from

Getting all of this together is what keeps me from the streets and sometimes sleep deprived so you all better come to the hair show on August 17. You too are invited.

Back on topic, I realized that I still don't drink enough of the maple syrup lemon drink. It's like forgetting to eat. Then I get really cold. I just need to be on top of the drinking even if it's super boring.

My tongue feels numb. Hate the feeling but the rest of my body feels good. My legs, actually my whole body feels lighter. I can bend without feeling my stomach is in the way! Yay!

Walking has never been a problem but now it's is so smooth. It feels like I'm floating. I guess it's also the couple of pounds that are gone.

After scrubbing in the shower, I literally felt my skin breathing. That was nice!

Still, I want the fast to be over. The hunger is lingering. For the most time, I don't really feel it anymore but when I do, it can get real ugly.

I made six days. More than half way. Four more days to go.

Photo: This was my Black Panther themed hairstyle created byTee Albertini. I am really looking forward to what will be created for the What Naturals Love Hair Show this year!

Image may contain: Mireille Liong, smiling
Mireille Liong, braidlocks Black Panther hairstyle Wakanda

Day 7 of the Master Cleanse

A whole new learning experience today. Quite scary I must say.

I completed this fast at least three times successfully before and never ever experienced anything but my body healing. Now all of a sudden, boom, my period is here 14 days early!

This explained why I was so cold, distracted and had no bowl movement but it is also clear that this fast literally messed up my regular flow.

I freaked out then went to the googles for some answers. I'd never heard of this before but found truly interesting stuff.

First, I learned that it is known that Intermittent Fasting (IF), a fairly new way to lose weight, can seriously mess up your cycle because it irregulates hormone levels responsible for ovulation. (search Fasting and Female hormones).

I also found research done on Muslim women who did Ramadan. It says: We found 11.3%, 30%, and 16.3% of participates had abnormal menstrual pattern three months before, during and three months after Ramadan, respectively. (search: Does Ramadan fasting has any effects on menstrual cycles?

This was all new to me but the Master Cleanse is different from IF. Losing weight is beneficial but not the goal. The goal is to detox your body. So it's a complete fast with no food at all which I now know can also disrupt a woman's cycle.

I must have missed the memo but the master cleanse site mentions that it can interrupt your cycle. It also says that your cycle should turn back to normal once your done.

That kind of put me at ease but I seriously had to check myself as I never experienced anything like this before.

I also had blurry vision which is again a sign of disrupted hormone levels or lack of nutrients. This put me on notice. Now I have to be really careful if I want to complete 10 days because the hormone levels usually regulate after a cleanse but the lack of nutrients can have serious consequences.

My stomach, which is the whole reason for this cleanse, feels amazing. Even with my period it is so calm, not bloated nor upset. It finally feels like a normal stomach again after years, years of suffering. So, I really, really want to keep going.

I am not even craving food. Today in the supermarket to get more tea, I wasn't even tempted.

The only thing I truly look forward eating again are my homemade cashews baked in coconut oil/moringa.

Even if I would break the fast right here, right now, I wouldn't know what to eat. I just don't feel like eating. It's like my mind is set to complete this cleanse.

Don't worry, it's not like I never want to eat food again. I discovered a couple of new restaurants, a Jamaican and a Taco place, that I do look forward trying out. So, I'm not afraid of losing my taste for food ever. I just want to get my stomach straight and according to the MC it takes 10 days to detox and even get rid of polyps.

So, the rest of me feels good and I really, really want to finish this fast but not at all cost.

The goal for me is to end up healthier than I started but if my body tells me otherwise, it's time to stop.

I decided one more day. I will take at least six glasses of the maple solution, get a Morninga shot and the thee then see if the blurry vision goes away. Blurry vision is not a good sign.

Up to day 8.

Photo: As I am beginning to celebrate the 15th anniversary, I am walking through memory lane digging up old picts. This was one of my early day Afros. So cool, sharp eyesight. Many more cool picts to come. It’s so much fun!


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Mireille Liong, big Afro celebrating 15th anniversary of Going Natural

Day 8 & 9 of the Master Cleanse

What can I say. Day 8 was better. Passed by quite quick and ok and actually so is day 9. Still hungry though.

My vision got a bit better, I did more research and this too happens. It can be lack of protein and should return to the way it was. So my nearsightedness got worse but I am farsighted and that seem to have improved.

The Master Cleanse is hard. Not eating is hard. Being hungry all the time is hard. Drinking the maple syrup solution becomes harder and harder. The salt water flush is really hard. In the end it's all worth it.

Whenever I step outside, I just feel so great. Light, smooth, fit, no stomach issues, no sneezing and a flat stomach! I realize how great this Master Cleanse is for your health, for your body and I would love to feel like this all the time but I know it's impossible. At one time you got to stop cleansing and eat normal again.

I did lose quite a few pounds which feels absolutely great but it would be an illusion to think that they will stay off. Eating like this or better yet not eating, is just unsustainable. I love and enjoy food!

What I am seriously surprised and super happy about is that my cellulite is gone! I never realized that this cleanse could also get rid of that but it's just another great advantage. Who knew! This I hope, doesn't come back.

Now there's only one day left and I am elated. I made it to day 10. I so, so look forward to eating again. You have no idea.

Got mangos from the supermarket yesterday. I couldn't let them be so I got them. I look forward having them on Wednesday. Not sure if I am going to start with the cashews or a mango.
Got plenty of time to think about it, on an empty stomach.
Up to day 10!

No photo description available.
Cashews, Mangoes, Crunchsters snack to break the Master Cleanse

The end of the Master Cleanse

Yes, I made it and no I didn't faint LOL. Thank you for your concern though. I do appreciate you following my experience, encouraging me and holding my feet to the fire.

Of all the times I did this, this was the hardest cleanse ever. What made it so hard for me is the maple syrup.

Maple syrup is key, it is all the food you get during the #mastercleanse so if you skip this you are truly depriving your body from the fundamental nutrients it needs to function. Unfortunately this is what I did because it was so hard for me to take the syrup. The drink in and on itself is not bad, it's just that taking it day in and day out is boring and becomes harder and harder.

At one point I literally felt my body getting weak and even sick. My tongue was almost completely white which is actually normal during the cleanse but it also tasted like when you have a flue and I was cold all the time. This is not good for the body.

So I really had to push through the last day but I am happy I did and made 10 days whew!

Breaking the fast
Since my usual diet is paleo, I broke my fast with cashew nuts instead of orange juice.

Simply said paleo comes down to eating as natural as possible. Greens, meat, fish, nuts, berries as organic as possible, stay away from processed foods, legumes and useless carbs and instead of drinking fruit juice, eat the whole fruit. Look it up. Not only does it makes sense it helped me staying off bad food.

The first nuts filled me up for a long time. It literally felt like stones falling in an empty chamber. I only had room for one mango. Everything tasted deliciously great. I was immensely thankful for food!

Day two after the cleanse I almost had a real meal: spinach with mushrooms sautéed with garlic and salt in coconut oil. Coconut oil from Suriname. Thanks Mo Dors. Good, GOOD, I tell you!

So, my stomach still feels great, my bowl movements are back to normal which is an absolute great deal. One of the things I've always secretly been scared about is that your intestines become dependent on the laxative tea but apparently, it's nothing to worry about.

Now, I am about to have normal solid food again. My nut crackers are waiting for me together with tomatoes and I still have a mango left.

I don't weigh myself but I took a picture so you can see that I did lose a few but my behind is still here!

Image may contain: Mireille Liong, smiling

My last Master Cleanse was in 2016. It's long overdue:…/

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