Rice serum; all the benefits of Rice Water without the hassle

Rice serum; all the benefits of Rice Water without the hassle


Rice Serum; all the benefits of Rice Water without the hassle 

Over the years, rice has gained worldwide popularity, and not just as a food ingredient but for the hair benefits it also brings!   

the water from rice has been known to contain properties that moisturize the hair and stimulates hair growth. But even better than rice water, is rice serum. It’s concentrated, comes in a nice little bottle and smells wonderful!

 Just like rice water rice serum contains numerous minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are great for the scalp. It also contains inositol (carbohydrate that reduces surface friction and strengthens the hair). Rice serum is a serum with all the benefits of rice water and with less stress. So instead of going through the stress of making the rice water yourself, you can simply buy and apply rice serum! 

Rice serum comes with so many benefits and if your hair is too dry, breaking, or stunted in growth, rice serum might just be the cure you need. For more benefits of rice serum for the hair, keep reading below! 

  • It boosts hair growth

Stimulated hair growth is one of the most attractive benefits of rice serum. Rice serum contains, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants that help improve the health of your hair. This makes it grow longer and thicker. Massaging the serum into your scalp stimulates the circulation of blood and speeds up the process. 

  •  It gives it a healthy glow!

Applying rice serum to your hair can give it a natural glow. So after washing your hair, pour a few drops into it and massage into your scalp. Afterward, you can style your hair and head out with smooth, glowing hair!

  • It moisturizes your hair!

In order to keep your scalp from getting dry, you need to keep it moisturized. Rice serum is the perfect product for this. When you apply rice serum to your hair, it moisturizes the hair from the inside, therefore, protecting it from heat and dryness.

  • It reduces protein loss

Rice serum contains proteins, which is essential for the hair. When your hair loses too much protein, it becomes weak and unhealthy. A rice serum treatment will give your hair the protein it needs and significantly reduces the loss. 

  • It protects the hair

Rice serum protects your hair and scalp from bacterial and viral infections. It also moisturizes your hair, therefore protecting it from dandruff and lice. Rice serum has nutrient and antibacterial properties that keep it protected and healthy!

  • It treats the hair

If you have thinned, dry or damaged hair, give rice serum a try. Rice serum penetrates the shaft and hydrates the hair. Also, when you rub small amounts of the serum on your hair tips, it helps conceal the frayed ends. 


How to apply

  • Add a few drops of rice serum to your scalp and massage it thoroughly.
  • For general health and hair hydration, add a few drops to your leave in and style as usual.
  • For bald spots or dry/itchy scalp, add a drop of the serum to the specific area and massage it in.

 Using rice serum is one of the best products you can use for your hair. So for glowing, healthy hair, get yourself a rice serum today! 



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