Multi-Wear Magic Headwrap

The Multi-Wear Magic Headwrap

The Multi-Wear Magic Headwrap

It’s a bonnet! No, it’s a headwrap! Fact is The Multi- Wear Magic Headwrap is a wonderful piece of colorful art that you can wear however you see fit. You can be sure it will turn heads.
The great thing about the Multi-Wear Magic Headwrap is that it doesn’t look like a shower cap nor does it have elastic that adds pressure on your edges. It is designed for comfort and to adorn your crown.

It’s multi-wear because you can wear it back to front or front to back but even more than that you can change colors and styles endlessly within seconds. So, not only is this artfully designed piece of fabric multi-functional as a bonnet or a headwrap, you can also choose to style it at least six different ways. The variations are super easy.

1) The classic way:

Just pull the Magic Headwrap over your hair then tie it in the back. You can make a bow or just leave the ends loose.

2) Bow in the front:

Cross the ends in the back then bring them to the front to tie a bow. You can tie the bow in the center but also on the sides. It’s up to you!

3) Change colors:

Bring the solid color out by folding out the banding the front. Once you bring the color out you can tie the ends in the back or create a bow in the front. You can completely change the look of the Magic Head Wrap by wearing twisting it around so the ends are now in the front.

4,5 and 6: Classic Turban

Once you twisted the Magic Headwrap, you can create the same variations: tying it in the back or in the front with or without a bow.

So, go ahead and order at least one Magic Head Wrap to add color and style to your crown. If you need one for your bestie, we will support you showing your love offering free shipping if you order two. Here is the link to order the Multi-Wear Magic Head Wrap.

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