Top 6 Valentine's Gifts For Locs

Top 6 Valentine's Gifts For Locs

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Hello lovely ladies!

It’s February again and only a few days away from that special time of year.  Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with your boo or Galentine’s Day with girl (and guy-) friends, it’s never too late to show some love to your locs.  After all, sometimes self-care is the most loving thing you can do!

Check out these ideas below:    

  1. Magic Headwrap – Feeling Jada Pinkett, Yvonne Orji, Alicia Keys, or just feeling yourself? Protect your locs while making a fashion statement with these beautiful, eclectic prints. Now 40% off!
  2. Shampoo Bombs – Need a fresh outlook, or just a fresh scent to inspire Mr./Ms. Right? Try our new organic scented shampoo bombs with peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, and eucalyptus essential oils.
  3. Spa Basin – Need a deep clean but can’t get in with your stylist? Relax and soak your locs at home with this inflatable hair basin. Who needs the salon?
  4. Lint-Free Towel – Tired of putting yourself last? Ready to graduate from old t-shirts and towels that shed? Upgrade your loc game with a portable, super-absorbent, lint-free towel just for you… with an extra-large size for longer locs, and carrying case. Your locs will thank you!
  5. Silk Pillowcase – Skipping the “du rag” tonight? Check out our 100% pure silk pillowcases in a range of colors to match any setting. Maintain the moisture in your locs without changing your routine.
  6. Loc Accessories – Feeling beautiful? Ready to show off your crown with a little extra decoration? Check out our handmade loc jewelry, as well as our cowrie shell loc ties and headbands. Loc jewelry is custom-made in Central America… guaranteed to be distinctive without the luxury expense!

Whether you’re pampering yourself before the big date, or getting together with friends for a virtual spa party, these special items are guaranteed to show your locs the love they deserve. 

1 comment

Bessie Wilson
Bessie Wilson

Hi there even though I have not used any of your products yet, I am glad that you are advertising. I am glad that people like you are showing your Black Heritage for all of us who want to join in and begin our heritage by way of using products that are especially designed for African Americans because we did not always have all these wonderful products and merchandise for us. I am so very happy we have our own.

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