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Hair Growth Ginger Conditioning Spray

Hair Growth Ginger Conditioning Spray

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A powerful blend of ancient roots and herbs makes an exceptional light weight conditioning spray that is perfect for braids, locs, Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks. 

  • Adds a healthy shine to your hair 
  • Prevents Hair Loss and preserves hair quality. 
  • Gentle yet nutritious for the scalp to grow healthy hair.
  • Reduces the thinning of the hairline.
  • Easy to use.

Spray on the thinning spot then massage with your fingers for 2-3 minutes. 

Apply once day and night.

The bottles are small. 3 bottles is recommended. 

Can be use for beard growth eyebrows and lashes.


Water, angelica extract, safflower extract, black sesame extract, ginger extract, methylparaben sodium hyaluronate, flavor

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