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Rollers for Curls, Afro, Frizzy hair and Dreadlocks

Rollers for Curls, Afro, Frizzy hair and Dreadlocks

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Do you want nice tight curls that last longer than a day? Then try these flex rods. They are flexible rollers that allow you to create beautiful curls in any type of frizzy hair without any problems. Whether you wear an afro, curling, frizzy hair or dreadlocks. These rollers are so flexible that you can just sleep with them.

The flex rollers come in different sizes; small, medium and large. Small is 3/8 inches in diamer, medium is 7/16 and large is 9/16. The choice depends on the length of your hair. To be sure, choose small or medium if you are not sure. You can also order small and medium, for a part that is longer or shorter.

They come in packs of 6. On average you need 5 to 10 packs, but you know your hair the best, so you can calculate how much you need.

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