Collage of Bad hair Uprooted, the Untold history of Black Follicles

Support Equal Hair Rights - Bad Hair Uprooted

Thank you for your support! 

Bad Hair Uprooted is our project to create awareness and fight for equal hair rights. Your support means the world to us. Every little bit helps so here is what you can do:

1) Share our awareness project called Bad Hair Uprooted. Here is the link:

2) To spread awareness we have a traveling exhibition called Bad Hair Uprooted. You can show your support by choosing your favorite portrait and leave a comment at our exhibition page. Click to visit our exhibition, Bad Hair Uprooted.

3) Buy this beautiful coffee table book that shares our story and is illustrated with outstanding hairstyles Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles

4) Leave your email below so we can keep you posted for our next event. 

5) Shop Hair and Fashion items at our store and share our store with your loved ones: What Naturals Love Store.

6) Donations are welcome as well. Click to donate.



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