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Reflections of 2021; most watched videos, best pictures and bestsellers

Starting a new year in Paramaribo, Suriname, after saying farewell to our precious dad, in the midst of a pandemic may not have seemed very rosy. The 7 pm curfews and complete weekend lockdowns were not exactly helpful but looking back it turned out to be the perfect environment to heal, put things in perspective and get focused. 

The most forested country on the planet offered eight hours of bright sunlight, earth shattering colors of greens, flowers, vegetables and fruits as they only taste in the tropics. Best of all being in Suriname allowed me to reconnect with family, long time friends and my roots. It was the perfect environment to Reflect, Release, Restart and Rejoice. 

Suriname Knini Paati Resort Monky
Monkey at Knini Paati Resort Suriname

And so it happened that for the first time half of the content created this year was created in Paramaribo Suriname while the other half in Brooklyn, NY. 


It was during a weekend lockdown that I filmed this review of the loc bombs. After washing my hair and let it airdry I used the garden as my backdrop to share my experience with the loc bombs. It turned out to be one of the most viewed videos you liked on facebook. It was viewed 36K times.

Another favorite also recorded in Paramaribo Noord, Suriname was this one: The Barrel Roll Curls. My Barrel Rolls were done by Loc Salon the Hair Box. After wearing them for a few weeks, I took them out to get a curly hairstyle. 

If you don't know how to do barrel rolls you can use Loc rollers or Afro curlers to create beautiful curls. 

Back in Brooklyn, when I was up for a retie, I noticed elasticity and growth like I hadn't before. This video got lots of love. Click if you want to buy the WNL Hair Growth Tea

Not recorded this year but very popular  are the next three videos.

Recorded at the Weeksville Heritage Center a while ago, this video was only uploaded last year and it remains one of your favorites.

Another favorite of last year this the Loc Detox video. This one didn't go viral but you made the At Home Hair & Spa Loc Basin and the Loc Bombs the top selling items in the store. 


The Moroccan Magic Dress remains one of the post popular items of all time and it is because of the video that went viral. This year the Moroccan Magic Dress with sleeves got a lot of traction. 



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♬ original sound - WhatNaturalsLove

The one video that remains number one with now more than 6 million views is the original Moroccan Magic Dress Video that went viral since it was shared on facebook. 

Now we uploaded it on TikTok where it also gets lots of love. Please check it out and follow us on TikTok because there is more to come! Click to follow us on TikTok



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