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My experience with Loc Extensions, how to take care of them and what products to use

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Before starting my braidlocs journey, I tried loc extensions. I loved locs, I just didn't know if I would like them on me. I was definitely not ready to give up my all time fierce and favorite hairstyle, the Afro!

Then one day on Fulton street right here in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, I saw a woman with the most amazing loc updo ever. When she told me they were extensions, I was flabbergasted. I kept staring at her crown some more to get a closer look only to see how well her loc-extensions and updo were done. She was not just gorgeous looking she was also nice enough to share the contact info of the loctitian-stylist who created the style with me. I was more than ready to get loc extensions. 

My experience with loc extensions

Like all other extensions like box braids or crochet braids you name them, loc extensions can be a lot of fun. The great thing about these loc extensions was that they looked so real and the style was absolutely next level.  

Most interesting was that my loc updo and my swinging locs brought out that feminine feeling in me. First I thought it that had to do with the length but then I gave it a deeper thought. 

My weaves were never this long but I remember rocking even longer braids. However, the braids nor my straight hair or curly weaves brought out the confidence in me that came with these loc extensions. When I thought about it I realized it had to do with the texture. The fact that the texture was so close to my own made the fundamental difference. 

I still remember the uneasiness of wearing weaves. I was always way too conscious about my hairline always wondered if the difference in texture was noticeable.

When the Gaby Douglas incident happened during the Olympics in 2012, I totally understood the nerve it hit. The gymnast exposed the uncomforted feeling that I and apparently many Black women can relate to when wearing a weave. I truly felt awful for the gold medal gymnast who worked hard all of her life only to be judged by her weave.  

Human Hair Extensions for Dreadlocks
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This to me explained the comfort, the confidence and the femininity I felt while rocking those loc-extensions. The texture was as close to mine as I've ever had. Even with the new growth I didn't need to be "afraid" that my natural texture would mess up my look or expose my faux locs. 

Friends who I hadn't seen in months were looking at me like, when did you start locs and how did they grow so fast? That is how real they looked. 

If you want high quality real looking faux locs that are closest to your natural texture, check out the Human Hair Extensions for Locs.  

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How to Care for Loc extensions

Similar to other extensions, loc extensions are an easy to wear, get up and go, relatively carefree hairstyle. I say relatively because it's not completely carefree. You still need to take care of your hair. The best thing about extensions is that you can give your own hair a rest so it can grow undisturbed without the daily manipulation of combing and brushing.

Products to care for Loc Extensions

What you do want to avoid as best as you can is buildup. That means no conditioners, leave in conditioners or heavy greases. Conditioners are made to leave a layer on your strands which is not helpful when you have extensions. The residue becomes buildup that will harden at the root of the extension. That is not a good look and it adds stress to your own hair.

Organic Shampoo Bombs

To was your loc extensions I would recommend the Organic shampoo bombs. If you don't have a tub you can dissolve half a Shampoo Bomb it in a spray bottle, spray it on your loc extensions then rinse it out. That is a perfect way to minimize build up.   

Use the WNL Hair Growth Tea to keep your scalp moisturized and promote soft new hair growth 

Loc Glove for Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, Locs Maintenance

To keep them looking shiny and free of lint, I'd recommend the Loc Glove.  

Also read the 9 uses of the Loc Glove.

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