Locs Detox Rod to clean dreadlocks and Sisterlocks

The Ultra Sonic way to detox Locs and prevent buildup

Technology makes all things easier, and wash day isn’t left out of the magic. While it’s perfectly good to massage your scalp and wash your hair with your fingers, using an Ultrasonic cleanser is even better!

The Sonic Loc Detox Rod is a device that cleanses your hair much better than your fingers ever could. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Locs Detox Rod to clean dreadlocks and Sisterlocks
Loc Bombs, Loc Basin, Sonic Loc Detox Rod and Towels.

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Loc Rod

The Sonic Detox Loc Rod is a small device that cleans your locs down to a microscopic level. It has a head capable of transmitting 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations to draw out all the particles and germs in your hair.
Its soaking mechanism allows you to have a good deep cleanse while your locs get a thorough wash day.

How does the Sonic Loc Detox Rod work?

It is a small, travel-friendly rod, with a cable for electricity connection. The design is also water friendly, hence the name.
To use it, you plug it into a power source and dip the rod into the hair wash basin or sink. When connected, the Rod sends ultrasonic waves that move through the water to push out particles and germs. The device does all the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is soak your locs in your washing basin.

You can add in a loc bomb, or other loc-friendly hair wash. Then, relax, enjoy the relaxing hair soak, and see the magic afterward.

Locs Detox Rod to clean dreadlocks and Sisterlocks

Should You Try the Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Loc Rod on Your Next Wash Day?

Absolutely! The Cleansing Rod is a game-changer for locs. Imagine your next wash without intense scrubbing. What’s more, you are guaranteed healthy, bacteria-free locs when you use an ultrasonic cleanser.

Here are some more benefits of Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing Device for Locs:

  • Minimal water usage

Unlike running a shower over your hair, or washing it repeatedly in a sink, the Ultrasonic soak only requires water to immerse your hair in.

This goes a long way to reducing how much water you would use.

  • Portable size

With an inflatable wash basin and your handy Ultrasonic Rod, you can stuff all you need for a good travel wash in the side of your bag. It is completely stress-free.

  • Deep cleaning

Soaking your hair in water and shampoo or a loc bomb is one of the best ways to get a scalp deep cleansing. When you add an ultrasonic rod to your routine, it takes a deep cleanse to the best level.

  • Less arm effort

Now, you can take out unscheduled arm workouts from wash day. Who needs to expend so much energy when a portable device can do even better?


Locs Detox Rod to clean Loc, Dreadlocks and SisterlocksLocs Detox Rod to clean dreadlocks and Sisterlocks


Ordinarily, you only have to worry about oil or dirt build-up in your hair. However, there are high chances of transferring germs and bacteria to your hair through unwashed hands, unwashed bedding, or dirty hair tools. So, you need more than a good bottle of shampoo or careful hands.
Feel free to explore this hair-washing tool, and your hair-wash routine will definitely take a turn for the better.

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