Is the Hype about the Magic Moroccan Dress True?

Is the Hype about the Magic Moroccan Dress True?

Moroccan Magic Dress in Patched, Denim and Flower Patterns

Nothing is more alluring than a dress that fits your frame perfectly and has many possible ways of donning. A dress can be tailored to perfection yet lack the oomph to flatter your curves while maintaining your decency.

The Magic Moroccan dress is your go-to maxi dress for both comfort and style. It meets Bohemian fashion and offers a lot more for a dress.  The attire is a two-layered bias-cut dress that hugs your silhouette as it cascades down your feet in a flare.

It is made of re-crinkled rayon which is smooth to the touch and lightweight on your body. The two layers form beautiful tiers against each other as their ripples slid meticulously abreast each other. It also has a sash to spices up your styling.

Dress Features

The dress comes with an array of colors. It may come in one plain color or two different colors: the base color and an outer contrasting color. If the base layer is white, the outer layer could be the same color or a contrasting color like black. The magic Moroccan dress can also have a white or black base layer and a floral outer layer. Regardless of color, this dress is a good piece to add in your closet.

Aside from colors, this dress also has pockets. As you know, nothing brings back a youthful feel than having a dress with pockets. It also comes with extra sleeves at the bottom of the flare; this adds up to its functionality. The dress offers much more than your typical Bohemian chic clothing.

As the name indicates, it is authentic ethnic clothing originating from traditional North Africa. Although the design resembles most Boho clothing, it has slight variations that make it stand out. In fact, it is from its style-ability that the name magic has been derived.

Styling Ideas

While the attire can be worn as is, it can also be styled differently for various occasions or to accentuate certain aspects of your figure. You could put one of the ends of the outer layer over your shoulder using the additional sleeve on its lower end. The outcome of this look is a sari like design with a bit of an edge. The look can further be customized by tying the sash on your umpire waist to highlight your figure. You can also tie the sash on your natural waist for a different look altogether.

If you are looking for a dress with multiple donning styles, then the magic Moroccan dress is a must have. You can wear it for many occasions without worrying about repeating a similar look. Whether wearing it as a modified sari or with sash tie-ups you will have an outstanding design without too many complications. The dress is both classy and comfortable and can be worn in high-class events with a pair of stilettos or with a pair of flat sandals when relaxing on a vacation.

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