How to get crinkled curls in Braidlocs, Sisterlocks or Natural Hair

How to get crinkled curls in Braidlocs, Sisterlocks or Natural Hair

How to get crinkled curls in Braidlocs, Sisterlocks or Natural Hair

There are many ways to crinkle or curl Braidlocs. The most common and simple way is a braid out. You simply braid your locs when they are still damp then take them out when they are completely dry.

Another way to get crinkles is with twists or cornrows. You do this the same way: braid the hair when it's still damp then take out the style and viola, you got nice crinkles.

To get curls, you need to bantu knot your hair. That is a little different than making a braid and if you can't do it you can get curls with rollers or the wrap-a-loc tool.

For this video I combined two different braiding techniques to demonstrate how you can create extra volume.

Before making a bantu-knot, I braided my hair first. Only after my hair was braided, I created a bantu knot. So, not only would I get crinkles from the braid, my hair would also be curled at the same time.

Going Natural's Loc Glove

After my hair was freshly washed and microfiber towel dry, I used the Loc Glove to straighten my braidlocs out. Once that was done, I sprayed a generous amount Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth Spray on my hair. It's not just good for hair growth, the essential oils also help fight fungus. With my freshly washed straightened and moisturized hair, my braidlocs were ready to get styled.

I took about 6 to 8 locs to braid my locs then make a bantu. It took about an hour to complete my whole head.

Parting is and always has been a challenge for me. So my bantus are never as straight and tight as they can be. Still I wore this style a couple of days before I took it out.

It was nice to have my hair in bantus on my head for a change. I felt the air on my scalp which was absolutely marvelous and no hair rubbing against any seats. For the same reasons it's a perfect style for the gym. Your scalp can breathe and no loc rubbing against the machines.

I was curious to see what the style would look like though. I had both done styles before but never combined them like this.

You can see the result in the video. I really liked the end style. Although the bantus were very convenient, I loved my curls.

If you are natural you can also do this but you need different products. Of course you need a shampoo and a conditioner but you also need a good moisturizer that can keep a curl at the same time. For this I would recommend the Silky Shea Hair Butter.

Let me know what you think about the style and if you have questions, just ask.

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