Gratitude, happy holiday wishes and offers to start a great new year

Gratitude, happy holiday wishes and offers to start a great new year

Locs curled

Before this year ends, I like to express my gratitude for everyone who has followed us on social media, joined one of our facebook groups or shopped at

Your likes, shares, comments and store visits certainly inspired me to continue to offer you more. I am even more determined to help you grow healthy hair and offer you unknown gems from the Diaspora and beyond.

As proof here are two super special offers that I know you will love.

Free products to grow your hair

If you are tired of spending tons of money on hair growth products that don't even work, you should join this program. The Free products to grow your hair membership will not only save you time and money, it will also help you find the right product to grow your hair!

For only $14.99 shipping and handling, we will send you a free hair growth every other month! You will have enough time to try the product and hopefully leave a positive review. Then you continue the program to try out other products or stop once you've found the right product that works for you and grows your hair.

Click to join Free products to grow your hair

Lose weight with Tea from the Amazon

If you feel bloated all the time, have gas issues or a hard time losing weight, you should try this Marva tea from Suriname. It is what solved all of those issues and helped me maintaining my weight.

The leaves are hand harvested from the richest soil of the rainforest, the taste peerless and it's fair trade. We are getting the tea straight from Black farmers from Suriname.

I also offer the most nutritious Moringa tea also from Suriname to make sure that you can loose weight and get as many vitamins and minerals at the same time. Click to order herbal teas from Suriname.

Now here is my little poem for you:

Wishing you holidays full of Laughter

for 2019 to be Brighter

a joyful happy healthy New Year

with long flourishing locs and beautiful
Natural Hair

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