How can I detangle my 4c hair without ripping it out and crying?

How can I detangle my 4c hair without ripping it out and crying?

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To find out how I could be more supportive, I asked people around social media to post their hair questions. This was actually literally a question posted in a facebook group for Natural Hair. This is the first in a series of questions to come so stay tuned and don't hesitate to send yours.
Many, many women and men are dreading wash day because of detangling! It can be dreadful! However, there is hope! Here are some great tips on how to detangle 4c hair without ripping it out and crying:

Separate Hair Into Small Sections
When detangling 4c hair, you want to be sure to separate the hair into smaller sections. This is how you avoid pain, detangle faster and prevent breakage!

First, make sure your hair is semi wet. Spray the No more knots detangler royally for manageability like you see in the video. Once the hair is separated, twist up each section or use clips like you see in the video. Now you are ready to detangle!

Finger Detangle
Finger detangling is wonderful for natural hair care. Finger detangling allows you to separate the hair strands gently! Your hands are much gentler than any plastic or even wooden comb as long as you don't rip.

Also, finger detangling helps you feel for knots. You will be able to work out the knots instead of ripping them out with a comb. You can use the No more knots tor needed slippage, the Silky Shea Hair Butter or both. Actually both are a perfect combination: the No More Knots is a water base detangler which adds moisture to the strands and the Silky Shea is Shea butter based which adds to the slippery of the hair.

Finger detangling can be done in or outside of the shower. I find that detangling hair under running warm water works best. It opens up the cuticles and provides the moisture needed to soften the hair. Also, the weight of the water helps the hair strands stretch, helping the detangling.

When finger detangling, be sure to work from the bottom to the top. Gently, stretch the ends of your hair while holding on to the hair with your other hand. Once the ends are stretched, gently work your way up by separating the strands.

Wide Tooth Comb
If you feel finger detangling doesn't work for you, please use a wide tooth comb. The same principles mentioned would apply when using a wide tooth comb. You want your hair to have moisture and slip!

If you decide to use a comb, you can also detangle your hair in the shower under running warm water with a deep conditioner.

Detangling is a process that cannot be avoided but it doesn't have to be painful. The two most important things are: take your time and be patient. Always remember to work on small sections, start from the bottom up and be gentle. Enjoy your natural hair journey!

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