How to get rid of an itchy scalp and massage your hair back to health

How to get rid of an itchy scalp and massage your hair back to health

Electric Scalp Massager for Braids, Locs, Afro and 4C natural hair

When you hear of a massage, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Relaxation! But did you know that massaging the scalp actually promotes hair growth? That's right! Massaging your scalp promotes healthy beautiful hair. Here's how!

In general, a massage promotes blood circulation. Blood circulation promotes many benefits to the body. In the same sense, a head massage promotes blood circulation to the scalp. This stimulation helps nutrients get to the roots. In turn, the scalp is healthier, moisturized and free of tension. Truly, a healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair!

Here's something extra exciting! You can use this new amazing scalp massager to get these benefits. It will help you get to places your fingers just can't. Let's talk more about the benefits of using this scalp massager!

Some Benefits Of Using A Scalp Massager

  • Soothe itchy scalp - an itchy scalp indicates lack of moisture and build up. In order for your hair to grow, your pores must be able to breathe as easily as possible.
  • Bring nutrients and moisture to the scalp and roots, preventing dry scalp and build up
  • Promote strong roots due to the hair receiving needed nutrients
  • Overtime, resilience is improved which protects the hair from damage from the sun and environment.
  • Hair is softer due to increased blood flow the to scalp. This makes it more manageable.
  • Promotes production of natural oils and improves the health/appearance of your hair
  • Great for repairing damaged hair due to brittleness and split ends
  • Reduce stress by reducing tightness of the scalp and neck.

How To Use

Using the scalp massager is excellent for 4c natural hair, locs and braids. Just use the massager on wet or dry hair to bring moisture and nutrients to the scalp. It is waterproof! You can even do it while watching T.V. It is really that easy!!

Do it daily for as little as 10 minutes. Also, the scalp massager soothes the itchy feeling you may experience with braids, locks and 4c natural hair. Remember, the more moisture and nutrients; the better!


Massage vibrates to create extra stimulation and relaxation.
Lightweight and easy to carry; great for traveling
Designed with an easy grip for easy use
The bristles are made from a soft TPR material for gentle access to scalp.


Go ahead and get your scalp massager today for as little as $16.99 with free shipping! Promote hair growth, while enjoying the therapeutic benefits. Your scalp will thank you!

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