How to deep clean Dreadlocks and remove Buildup from Locs, Braids and Natural Hair

How to deep clean Dreadlocks and remove Buildup from Locs, Braids and Natural Hair

The Loc Cleansing Sponge combines the advantages of konjac plant with the power of Active Bamboo Charcoal and MIC foaming technology for an unmatched deep cleansing experience that soothes hair and scalp naturally.

Used on wet hair the Loc Cleansing Sponge effectively absorbs residue from gels, oils, shampoos and everything you've ever used on your hair, even if it's locked into the strands for years! As a result your hair will instantly be freed from funky smells, product buildup and dull looking strands, even after only one use. Free of buildup and soothed by the Loc Sponge your hair will instantly feel lighter, look brighter, smell better and feel so much smoother.

How to use
When you receive the sponge it will be moist. This is to keep the Loc Cleansing Sponge smooth and soft for a longer lifetime. If you are using the sponge for the first time soak it in warm water for at least 10 minutes then thoroughly rinse and wring it out.

Once your Loc Cleansing sponge is ready for use, use it on washed damp hair. Use the sponge in motions like you would comb your hair. Move it from your scalp to the ends of your hair. It's best to do this in parts to make sure you don't skip any parts. After only a few wipes you will be able to see the buildup the sponge absorbed.

Continue until your whole hair is done. Your hair will be almost dry because the sponge absorbs water together with the residue. Your hair will also feel light, smooth and look shiny!

How to take care of your sponge

  • To clean your sponge: soak it in baking soda and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar).
  • Thoroughly rinse and let it dry completely before using it again.
  • The sponge will feel hard once it's dry but its ok.
  • You can also use the dry sponge on your hair but always make sure your hair is at least damp hair. You can use it on wet hair as well.

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Loc sponge before and after use
Make sure your sponge is completely dry when you are reusing it.The Loc sponge can be used on natural hair, locs, curly hair, braids and weaves.

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