How to make finger coils in 4C Natural Hair

How to make finger coils in 4C Natural Hair

This is a perfect style for naturals, transitioners and even non-naturals. All you really need is a little patience and the right products so these tricks can help you to create these beautiful coils in your your hair.

What you need:

~ Freshly washed untangled hair
~ Rattail comb (only to part)
~ Tangle Teezer (optional)
Silky Shea Hair Butter
No more knots

Make sure that your hair is at least damp. If your hair has completely dried use a spray bottle to moisturize while finger coiling your hair.
If you do this yourself, it is best to have your hair parted in sections then work each section. Just like in the video.

Before: Wash your hair with a Shampoo bomb for a change or try the Detox Conditioner

After: Finger Coiled with Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter.

Sectioning your hair before you start in 6 to 12 big parts will make this a lot easier. Work in sections by taking a part out then start taking real small pencil size sections.

For each little section, add a little Silky Shea Hair Butter to the needles of your comb or brush and brush it through the full length of your strands.

Once a section is tangle free roll it around your finger just like in the video and let it go. You will see a nice curl twirling. Repeat until all sections are done and your head is full of beautiful coils. Your hair will be very moisturized and that is good but to keep the style you have to make sure that your hair dries this way.

You don€™t have to let it air dry. Wind may disturb the coils so you a hair drier bonnet. The great thing about using the Silky Shea Hair butter is not only that it smells so good. Even better is that the heat will allow all the nutritious ingredients to penetrate the strands and condition them while you get your style on.Just make sure the dryer is not too hot.


Once your hair is completely dry you can rock these as style or you can separate them to look fuller. Just make sure to take them out when the hair is completely dry and viola: you got coils!  Coils work in every environment, work, a night out and even casual. Tie your hair up at night and you should be able to wear them for a week.

If you want to restore some off the coils after sleeping on them, use a little Silky shea and coil your hair around your finger. Good luck and send us your style!

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