Jeleeza, girl with braidlocs

Get this New Revolutionary Locs Detox Treatment for Free

Jeleeza girl with braidlocs
Jeleeza, Nicole D's daughter who has long mature braidlocs 

The new Shampoo bombs started a true revolution! After I gave a few of these handmade organic Detox Bombs to the loctitians from Sabine’s Hallway to try them out, they were so impressed with the results that the salon now uses these Bombs in their new Locs Detox Treatment.

Nicole D, stylist at Sabine’s Hallway, tried the peppermint shampoo bomb on her daughter’s bra-strap long mature micro locs. The loctitian of 20 years was amazed when she noticed that the lint from the back of her daughter’s locs were gone after her hair was soaked in the Shampoo Bomb solution for about 20 minutes. The treatment also made her hair feel super soft and smell fresh.

The handmade Organic Shampoo Bombs will do a great job on all locs from traditional Dreadlocks to micro Sisterlocks and even on all loose natural hair textures.

Loc Bombs

Just drop a Shampoo bomb in hot water in your sink, spa basin or spray bottle and let your hair soak. The baking soda and citric acid will take care of buildup, lint and odor, the Epsom Salt and essential oils will soften and moisturize your hair and scalp.

To introduce their new Locs Detox Treatment, Sabine’s Hallway is offering a free treatment to two people with mature locs and one with big loose natural hair. The bigger the better! 

Whether you are a man or a woman, your traditional Dreadlocks, Braidlocs or Sisterlocks, have to be at least three years old. The older the better and if you have buildup, suffer from dry locs and smelly locs we don’t mind that either.

Same if you have natural hair, 4C or any 4 or 3 curl pattern, you are welcome to submit.   

If you are interested, please send us at least one clear picture of your locs or natural hair via whatsapp (347.422.6139) and answer the following questions:

  • How long have you been loced/natural?
  • What products have/do you use(d)?
  • When was the last time you washed your hair?

Sabine Bellevue, owner of the 14 year old Sabine's Hallway Natural Hair Salon LLC establishment herself will handpick the lucky winners.

The lucky winner will not only get the Detox Treatment which starts at $50. He and she will get a complete full service loc treatment that includes retwisting or retightening or a hairstyle worth $150. Please note that the Detox Treatment will be filmed. 

For those who want to try this fabulous treatment at home, click to get your Organic Shampoo Bombs.

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