Sea Breeze: Instant Relief for Itchy Scalp and Mildew in Braids, Weaves and Locs

Sea Breeze: Instant Relief for Itchy Scalp and Mildew in Braids, Weaves and Locs

Whether you are a loc rock star, a weave or braid lover, having a clean and healthy scalp cannot be overemphasized. This is because our scalp is one of the thickest skin in our bodies and thus carries more blood as compared to other parts of our of bodies; thus safeguarding the health of your scalp is a vital part of maintaining a healthy loc, weave and braids.

Scalp itching and mildew are two problems that can stand in the way of you not comfortably rocking your desired hairstyle. While scratching the itches can eventually lead to breakage from the roots in dreads, inflammation of the scalp is likely unavoidable for weaves or braids. On the other hand, mildew gives off a musty smell and that can be a total nightmare.

Well, not to worry as there’s a solution for you - Sea Breeze! It is the perfect treatment for your scalp. Not only is Sea Breeze a perfect solution for mildew, but it also offers instant relief for itchy scalp for Braids, Weaves and Locs.

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Sea Breeze offers Instant Relief for Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is the commonest cause of itchy scalp which is triggered by the growth of yeast on the scalp. Itchy scalps can result from cosmetic build-up, lack of moisture and tight contraction of the skin, thereby causing unbearable scratches which may lead to wound and scabs.

Applying Sea Breeze to the affected area instantly offers relief as the alcohol present in it dissolves the dandruff flakes, leaving your scalp clean and fresh. It helps with scalp sensitivity such as broken scalp, tenderness, and itching, thereby reducing irritation.

Sea Breeze is an astringent made from a special blend of cleansing and softening ingredients; thus not only does it relieve the itchiness of the scalp, but it also soothes the skin. When applied, it gives a tingling, cooling sensation as a signal showing it's working.

This way, your locs, weave or braids are cleared from itchiness.

Sea Breeze as Solution of Mildew

Nobody wants a smelly hair caused by mildew. However, when moisture gets trapped in the hair and scalp and is unable to dry after some time, the result is a Mildew fungus which causes a musty smell. The moisture can be as a result of wetting, shampooing or sweating. This is typical with wearers of dreadlocks, weaves and braids as there’s often a restricted airflow to the hair while it is still damp.

To avoid the musty smell, using astringent such as Sea Breeze to clean your scalp is your best bet. Sea Breeze removes dirts and excessive oils from the scalp, thereby drying every moist and giving it that shine.

So whether on locs, weave or braid, applying See Breeze can help to eliminate mildew in your scalp. All you do is apply to your scalp and massage for a few minutes before rinsing.

Black Seed Oil

Concerned about the nourishment of your hair and scalp, we have the Roller Braid which not only nourishes your hair; it takes care of your edges thinning spots and itchy scalp. It is made from Black Seed Oil which has scientifically been proven to promote hair growth and nourish the scalp.

Perfect for Braids, Locs, Dreadlocks, Twists, Flat Twists, Cornrows, Extensions, Thinning spots, simply use by rolling on the affected areas to nurture and promote hair growth.

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