2022 review a look back on bestselling loc care products and bestselling African Dresses

Thank you, Best wishes and looking forward seeing you next year!

As 2022 comes to a close, I like to thank you for shopping with us, reading our blogs, commenting, reviewing and sharing our products. It makes all the difference and without you we simply can't get better. 

Looking back at photos and videos brings a smile to my face. Here is why.

Starting with your photos and reviews, there is nothing like a happy customer. Five stars make our day and photos and videos make it even better! Your engagement is an inspiration for us to strive for perfect.

So, when a customer is happy, it makes us happy and it just reciprocates. Now we got you a more advanced review system that allows you to upload photos and videos and it's working.  Please take a look at some examples, be inspired because I hope to see many more next year. 

Headband for Locs, Dreadlocks, Sisterlock of a happy customer
Shout out to Rosie who sent us the most photos this year. She loves the headbands and we love her. 

Customer review images

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We didn't do a hair and fashion show this year but that doesn't mean we didn't get to work. We are happy to say that we got beautiful models to show off our new stuff and it if you haven't seen them yet, I am more than happy to introduce them. 

 Authentic African Dresses bazin rich and dashiki

Photo and Video shoot with Ashley Winner of our Mother's Day Giveaway

Ashley was the winner of our Mother's Day giveaway and she did an amazing job of showing the variety of African dresses What Naturals Love has to offer. The mother of one also showed off earrings, a hairstyle by Sabine's Natural Hair Salon as well as Makeup by Eloria Michelle. You can read the post and watch the video at Video of the winner of our Mother's Day Giveaway.

African Headwraps and African Dresses
Sherida showing off our pre-tied headwraps, the classic hair cuff and some of the bestselling African dresses we offer. Click for the collection of African dresses for women of all sizes from XS to 6X.
African gown, for wedding or prom
Sherida showing off the African gown for proms and weddings.

Model Moreen

Some of you may have seen her in the Hair and Fashion show of 2019. Our international model Moreen lives in the Netherlands, adores Brooklyn, the fashion and the styles we have to offer.

Infinity dress African print, African Multi wear dress in red
Moreen did a photo shoot showing the Infinity dress and she clearly had fun. We then partnered up to show the different colors and styles of the same African pantsuit for women of all sizes XS to 6X. In the suits that looked good and felt good because they are also comfortable, we couldn't have anything but a blast. 

African Pansuit for women of all sizes from XS to 6X

Click for the collection of African pantsuits for women of all sizes XS to 6X

You can also see short videos of these fashionable items when you click on the product link. We are working on uploading all the video footage to our Tiktok channel so you can have an overview of the shorts we create but please be patient. Developing our channel to keep you posted is on the schedule for next year. 


Bestselling African Dresses in Fashion for women of all sizes 

We launched quite a few new dresses this year and these are the bestselling African Dresses for women of all sizes. African High Low Dashiki dress, Sexy Off shoulder maxi Dress, African Halter neck Maxi Dress and the Classic Moroccan Magic Dress.

Moroccan Magic Dress in different colors

 We added new colors and new styles to the Magic Dress. Click to shop the collection. 


Bestselling Loc products for locs, dreadlocks, sisterlocks and micro locs

The new hair items did very well this year. You really loved the hair ties and loc cuffs for locs, Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks. Not only do they keep your hair together nicely, we did our research and made sure they are non-damaging, don't slip and make your ponytail stand out!

Loc Glove for Locs care and to clean Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks

Looking at the reviews, the Loc Glove for Locs maintenance is your absolute favor.   

Best new items: the Loc Cuffs

Loc cuffs for Locs Styling, Styling Sisterlocks, Hair Jewelry


Locs & Stuff, Hair care, locs and hair pain

Locs and Stuff Blog, Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks hair care Products

Locs and Stuff is my blog about Locs hairstyles, Locs maintenance, Locs inspiration, Locs care, Locs growth, Locs styling, Locs products, Locs before and after

Then, last but not least, there were many more blogs this year and not just about hairstyling. The section Bad Hair Uprooted features our cause and inspired by Will Smith's response at the Oscars, I also covered hair pain. Read The slap revealed generational trauma and hair pain

Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles exhibition

We hope you've enjoyed visiting and ordering from us. Let us know in the comment what you like to see more of or just spread your joy for the year to come. We'll do it right here, right now: 

Best wishes and looking forward seeing you next year!

Bad Hair uprooted photo exhibition dreadlocks, locs and natural hair

Bad Hair Uprooted



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