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My experience

I like the magic dress, will order it in another color

Genius product!

It's a simple but perfect product! It makes deep cleaning my locs so much easier


I am extremely pleased with this purchase, as it was purchased as a gift and the recipient was very happy with it. We were able to go onto Youtube to resolve any questions we had regarding set up. He was so exited that I have since purchased a 4 pack of the shampoo bombs for him! I can't wait to get those in the mail and test them out!

Very pleased!

At home Hair & Scalp Spa Basin for Locs, Braids and Natural hair

Great Hair Serum

I bought this for a friend and the result are wonderful. One problem the bottle is too small making you have to buy more to quickly and with the price being so expensive it's hard to keep using it. Other wise its good stuff. If your price reduces reach out. Thanks

Hair Towel

The large towels works just as described I have a lot of locs and the towel absorbed a lot of the water. Very pleased.

Just got it...

i just received this serum yesterday.... 30 days ago?? haven't tried it yet.

Apologies. We do next day shipping from now on.

Slept very well, but after 12hours, hair was still damp and not much curls, I would recommend sitting under hair dryer for half an hour or so after putting curlers in.

Love it

Love it and have left reviews to Mirielle by email/Facebook

I only received 1 I ordered 2 not happy at all

Please contact customer service.

Drying towel

Great seller. Wonderful towel. It really works great!


I absolutely love the style and ease of the fabric . It's a feel good clothing item for me.

Haven't received

O. I just got the soap bomb and not the basin

At home Hair & Scalp Spa Basin for Locs, Braids and Natural hair

Organic Shampoo Bombs for Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, Braidlocs and Natural Hair

Awkward but Effective

Could feel the sensation almost as soon as I stepped into these slippers. I started in a sitting position and gradually used more pressure by standing. Within a couple of days I was able to walk around in them for several minutes. So far I am pleased with the purchase and will continue to use them to increase blood circulation throughout my body.

Multi-Wear Headwrap Scarf with stone jewelry

Inflatable tub

I am really satisfied with my purchases, I was introduced via Instagram and was presently surprised to see that a product like this was out there! Very pleased

It’s lovely! Thank You.


Beautiful! This dress is perfect. Thank you so much ❤️

Deceptive advertising

The advertising says the model has a towel on her head not the bath towel. Clearly the towel can fit around no ones head. And shipping took way to long.

I am sorry you are disappointed. We offer two sizes 80X40 and 135X75 which is the beach towel that the model showcases. You ordered the smaller size, not the beach towel.

Shampoo bombs

The scent is amazing. Should I shampoo my hair after soaking? Am I suppose to rinse my hair?

All you have to do is rinse your hair. The bomb is a shampoo and conditioner in one. Your hair should feel soft.