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Morocan Magic Dress returned

Due to wrong address, my dress was returned to sender on July 15, 2021; I informed you and sent my correct mailing address that was stated you received, so I now await for my dress to be resent and await its arrival, upon receipt and trying it on I can then give my comment. The rating is 1 🌟 for now. No dress to compare.
Thank you.

Moroccan Magic Dress one size fits most

Beautiful Purple

I love the simple, elegant lines of the dress. It's flattering on all shapes and sizes. Have you ever considered selling matching masks? The event I bought it for is requiring masks and I need to find something equally elegant.

Not worth the wait

Took over a month to arrive Not thrilled with the fabric. Would not purchase again

It was beautiful and I would get another

I like the way it fit

Hair Bombs

I LOVED everything but only received two hair bombs in my package :(

Glad you loved the experience but please check your order. You only ordered 2. You can always order more.


Very effective in pulling all of the dirt out of my locs and left my hair felling clean, soft and smelling good.


rollers don't stay on easily


They have no way to grip your hair. Basically they are just pieces of foam and when you try to use them they just unwind and fall out. I was very disappointed ☹️

Love the bombs and spa basin:) Took a while to get the basin but when I emailed about the delay, I got a respond in a timely fashion and was reassured the product was in transit. The bombs were delivered very quickly. Will definitely be ordering more products!

Organic Shampoo Bombs for Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks, Braidlocs and Natural Hair

Super Cute

I actually wear them as anklets, and with summer in full swing I get to show them off almost everyday. Now i just need a matching necklace to go with them.

Sponge Rollers

They were easy enough to sleep on, but I found that it took an extremely long time to roll and unroll. Also, my hair took an even longer time to dry. And After all that, there was no curl.

I am sorry to say that I was disappointed in the “cloth”… I was focused on the word Moroccan” and thought the dress would be made of Moroccan “cotton “, but it is not. So the rest of the details of the dress became unimportant. I can’t imagine getting over my disappointment.,Sorry.

I haven't worn my dress yet, but looking forward to wearing it.

I love this stuff

Feels very refreshing on my scalp and leaves my locs feeling soft and moisturized

Lovely, lovely outfit

So worth the wait. I love the fit, it hides a lot LOL but emphasizes what is good. Deep, rich color, nice flow. Will be ordering another.


Beautiful dress!

Moroccan Magic Dress one size fits most

Love, Love, Love it!

Perfect dress! Fit is perfect! Love it's versatility!

Loved it

My husband has locs to his butt and wash day is actually 2 days. After the 1st soak his locs looked healthier and his true hair color was revived. They smell and look great.

Most comfortable and versatile pants

Not only super comfortable but also super versatile. You can wear them for any occasion. Put on heels for a night out, put on slippers for the beach. That is how versatile these pants are. I have them in every color.

Did not receive items

I ordered 2 dresses, 1 purple and 1 white on 27 March but never received them.
I ordered 2 more on 29 March, 1 pink and 1 3XL which I did receive. I sent a text to the phone number on website but have received no response.

If I had received my magic dress one-size-fit-all it would have been spectacular but I did not receive it