Changing Woman a short film about natural hair and the big chop

The Big Chop, How one can deal with Generational Hair Trauma, Ritually and Spiritually

Changing Women is an intimate short of a young woman chopping of her "good" hair while dealing with generational hair trauma. The documentary is the personal journey of  Rachel Tokromo, a Dutch filmmaker with Curacao roots.

I was lucky enough to see this documentary on the big screen at DBUF where I was invited to lead a panel discussion about natural hair. Recently Rachel shared it on social media and I think you all should watch. Let me know what you think.

Rachel Tokromo's post
Today I’d like to share with you a very intimate and personal celebration of Self. Wednesday 7th of March 2018 I went through my own created Rite of Passage, which I captured on film🧿✨

The idea to create this film was sparked by a much-needed conversation I needed to have with my mother; ‘Your little Girl is Becoming a Woman, she is not a little Girl anymore...’ It was a conversation that I knew beforehand would fall short to bring us to an understanding.

I asked, ‘How can I have this conversation with my mother without violating the love, the understanding, and the compassion we have for each other and navigate the conversation into a space where we really hear and see each other?’

And how the Law of the Universe works the answer was given…. Making this film was used as a tool to have that conversation with my mother.
The Rite of Passage illustrates the physical and spiritual journey of Self-Actualization through a ritualistic lens. It tells the Universal story of Womanhood.
Becoming ….
What does this whole concept of Woman even mean to me? (to You?!)
Making this film also gave me the opportunity to explore the potential of asserting what it means to be ‘Woman’ on my own terms.

Mireille at DBUFF The big chop changing women

In this film I captured my story, the story of director Angela Tellier, the story of the women I spoke with, and the insight of a mother who unconsciously damaged her daughter with her own expectations and needs.

The film taps into many personal layers. But for now, I want to leave it open for you to tap into Your Own Journey. I would love to read and hear your stories and thoughts in the comments, in my dm or over a phone call, in person, a letter 😜any way that feels comfortable for you to share my dear!


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